Iconic map returns in Black Ops 6 as fans discover showcase Easter egg

Joseph Pascoulis
troy marshall in black ops 6

Black Ops 6 sees the return of one of Call of Duty’s most beloved maps, as players spotted an Easter egg during Treyarch’s reveal showcase.

Black Ops 6‘s June 9 reveal has created a lot of hype around the community. Not only are players excited to get their hands on the new omnidirectional movement, but many have praised Treyarch for bringing back beloved features such as the classic prestige system and round-based Zombies.

Speaking of returning features, players spotted Nuketown in the worldwide reveal for Black Ops 6, one of Call of Duty‘s most iconic maps across the entire franchise.

During the HUD section of the reveal, players got a first look at the Black Ops 6 multiplayer lobby UI. In the bottom right corner of the lobby, players caught a glimpse of the map and mode that was queued to begin, revealing Domination on Nuketown.

Nuketown has returned in all of the Black Ops titles since it was first introduced in Black Ops 1 (2010), most recently returning in Black Ops Cold War (2020). So, it’s no surprise to see that players have discovered it in the Black Ops 6 reveal.

According to Treyarch, Black Ops 6 will feature 16 completely brand-new maps on launch. Nuketown is a returning map, so it’s unclear whether it’ll be included in the 16 launch maps, as it’s technically not new.

So, perhaps Nuketown will return in a seasonal update, or maybe it’s been revamped to the point where they consider it a new map. Regardless, it’s pretty clear that it will be coming to the game, and that’s left players ecstatic. Under Charlie Intel’s post highlighting the new lobby UI and Nuketown, one comment read, “Nuketown is a W.” Another agreed, “LETS GOOOOO NUKETOWN.”

As we edge closer to the Call of Duty Next event, we’ll likely get more information and gameplay, so perhaps we’ll find out more about Nuketown in Black Ops 6.