CoD Mobile Season 2 2022 Task Force 141 patch notes: Hardhat, JAK-12, Chopper Gunner

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Call of Duty mobile season 2 2022

Call of Duty: Mobile’s first season of 2022 is coming to a close, bringing new weapons, maps, and more in the Season 2 update. Here’s everything we know about Season 2 2022, including patch notes.

With CoD Mobile Season 1 now behind us, players are gearing up for the next major content drop with Season 2. The first season of 2022 brought the fan-favorite Kilo 141 Assault Rifle and PPSh-41 SMG, with Season 2 bringing even more classic content like the Chopper Gunner scorestreak and Hardhat map.

Here’s everything we know about CoD Mobile Season 2, including the release date, maps, new weapon, Battle Pass, and patch notes.

CoD Mobile Season 2 release date

CoD Mobile Operators

It has now been officially confirmed that CoD Mobile Season 2: Task Force 141 is scheduled to launch on Wednesday, February 23 at 4 PM PT | 7 PM ET.

Once the new seasonal update goes live, you’ll be able to explore a plethora of fun new content in the game, including new maps and powerful new weapons.

New CoD Mobile Season 2 maps

CoD Mobile Hardhat map

Call of Duty: Mobile allows players to battle it out in maps from previous CoD games, with the Modern Warfare series’ Hardhat set to arrive in Season 2.

Hardhat originally appeared in 2011’s Modern Warfare 3 before being remastered for 2019’s reboot. The map was teased by CoD Mobile’s Twitter account on February 5, with the classic map clouded by rain and darkness.

Whether we’ll get the classic or updated version of Hardhat remains to be seen, but it looks like CoD Mobile’s devs have set it during a rainy night.

New CoD Mobile Season 2 weapons

CoD Mobile JAK-12

Call of Duty: Mobile’s devs have steadily been porting over weapons from 2019’s Modern Warfare, with the JAK-12 Shotgun arriving in Season 2.

The devs tweeted out an image of an empty weapon crate and eagle-eyed players spotted that the JAK-12 would fit inside perfectly. This fully automatic Shotgun arrived in Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 6 and is expected to be a powerful choice in CoD Mobile’s multiplayer.

There should also be one more weapon arriving later in Season 2 through a challenge, so stay tuned for any updates.

CoD Mobile Season 2 Battle Pass

CoD Mobile Season 2 Battle Pass

The CoD Mobile Season 2 Battle Pass will feature the return of fan-favorite character Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley as a brand new Operator skin that you’ll be able to unlock.

You can also get your hands some brand-new looks for Alex Mason as the Battle Pass contains Hard Wired and Charly skins for the character, and there is also a Chopper Gunner Scorestreak available at Tier 14.

CoD Mobile Season 2 Patch Notes

CoD Mobile Operator running

New multiplayer map: Hardhat

Standoff map update

  • Fixed the abnormality experienced when jumping over the fence on the second floor of the bakery in Standoff.

New Scorestreak: Chopper Gunner

New weapon: JAK-12

New attachment: Thunder Sling

  • Added signature attachment for HBRA3, providing stability and ADS speed bonuses.

Multiplayer balance adjustment


  • Base
    • Increased damage multiplier of hitting chest and upper arm area
  • 5.45 Caliber Ammo:
    • Reduced recoil
    • Increased damage range
    • Increased ammo capacity


  • Increased damage multiplier of hitting head
  • Increased damage multiplier of hitting chest and abdomen
  • Increased damage range
  • Increased reload speed
  • New attachment: Gun Belt
    • Reduce sprint-to-fire lag, improved the control handling of horizontal and vertical recoil


  • Reduced the range of basic recoil changes so that it can play its due TTK advantage at medium and long distances.

Peacekeeper MKII

  • Base:
    • Improved the horizontal recoil animation to achieve smoother handling.
    • Reduced horizontal recoil


  • Increased shoot range in the first segment


  • Increased shoot range in the first segment


  • Increased base hit flinch
  • Increased base bullet spread
  • Increased base reload time
  • 42 Round Fast Reload:
    • Increased ADS time
    • Increased reload time
    • Reduced ADS movement speed
  • 46 Round Extended Mag:
    • Increased ADS time
    • Reduced ADS movement speed


  • Increased base damage range
  • MIP Light Barrel (Short): increased the damage range


  • Base
    • Increased the lock time
  • Light Trigger
    • Increased the lock time
  • Battle Royale Hacker Class
    • Reduced the time needed to clear out distractions.

That’s everything you need to know about CoD Mobile Season 2, and we’ll be sure to let you know about any more information that’s revealed about the new seasonal update.

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Image Credit: Activision

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