Warzone Pacific players find classic WaW map in Caldera

makin day found on Warzone Pacific Caldera

Warzone Pacific Season 1 brought a brand new map to the battle royale. With a variety of new POIs to discover, some claim they have found a classic World at War Multiplayer map on Caldera.

Warzone Pacific brought loads of new content for players, but the most significant is definitely Caldera. The new map takes Call of Duty’s battle royale to a beautiful sunny island, filled with beaches and rich jungles.

Of course, the new map has a lot to discover, like the POIs being based on real places. Some players have even found a familiar WaW map layout on Caldera, giving fans some real nostalgia.

Warzone Pacific Caldera Makin map location

Call of Duty: Vanguard brought some classic World at War maps back to the franchise this year, including Dome and Castle. This has been great for those players who adored these classic maps in the original, giving them an upgraded look and feel.

The developers didn’t stop there either, as the Vanguard integration with Warzone also sees a similar trend.

Reddit user BobbyBrackins highlighted a familiar-looking building on Caldera that sparked interest from the community.

In the post, the user calls the map “Roundhouse” but someone in the comments kindly corrects them and sets the record straight: “Pretty sure this is from the Makin Day map from WaW.”

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This is actually “Makin Day” from World at War, a map that many will remember as one of the best in the game. It is also the scene of WaW’s first campaign mission, as American Soldiers break out of a Japanese camp.

This can be found in the area just below Beachhead. Look out for the circle-shaped buildings on the map below this POI and you’ll find the area.

There are also rumors floating around that other classic Multiplayer maps from previous CoD titles are also present on Caldera, including Villa from Black Ops 1, Nach Der Untoten from WaW Zombies, and also Livestock from Modern Warfare 2019.

It’s great to see the community finding these classic maps, as it gives Caldera a deeper relationship with the players who have great memories of past Call of Duty games.

Dropping in and randomly finding one of these familiar places is a great experience, and we hope to see more as people spend additional time on Caldera’s beaches.

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Image Credits: Sledgehammer Games / Treyarch / Raven Software / Activision