Warzone 2 expert reveals new “number one SMG” after buff in Season 2 Reloaded

Warzone 2 player with VEL 46 SMG

Warzone 2 Season 2 Reloaded brought a ton of balancing changes to the close-range meta, and CoD guru WhosImmortal has revealed which weapon has taken the Lachmann Sub’s place as the top SMG.

Warzone 2 Season 2 Reloaded is well and truly underway, having introduced the new Tempus Torrent Marksman Rifle and a number of quality-of-life changes, including the removal of the Armor Break text notification.

It also came with a number of buffs and nerfs to the game’s weapons, shaking up the meta in a number of categories. The SMG class received the most attention, making the close-range meta a much more level playing field.

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However, Warzone 2 expert WhosImmortal believes there is one weapon that stands above all and has replaced the Lachmann Sub as the “number one SMG” on Al Mazrah.

In his March 21 video, the YouTuber revealed that the buffed VEL 46 now has what it takes to be the go-to SMG in Warzone 2 after its damage ranges received a healthy increase in the update.

Comparing the MP7 to other meta SMGs, he discovered that while it kills slightly slower than the MP5 or Vaznev over the first few meters, the other two drop off around the eight-meter mark, while the VEL 46 stays strong well into the teens.

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Then, WhosImmortal explained that although the likes of the BAS-P and P90 start to rival the VEL 46 at mid-range in terms of time-to-kill, the MP7’s recoil is comfortably the “easiest to use,” meaning you’ll be landing shots more consistently to make full use of its TTK.

“Overall, the MP7 is feeling very, very good right now,” said the YouTuber. “[It] was already great, but they made it even better with Season 2 Reloaded.”

Check out WhosImmortal’s “number one” VEL 46 loadout in Warzone 2 below.

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WhosImmortal’s best VEL 46 loadout in Warzone 2

  • Muzzle: Lockshot KT85
  • Underbarrel: XTEN Drop Grip
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7MW
  • Rear Grip: Schlager Soldier Grip
  • Stock: Demo RXT Stock

He began his VEL 46 loadout with the Lockshot KT85 muzzle to improve the SMG’s horizontal and vertical recoil, making it easier to control at mid-range. This paired nicely with the XTEN Drop Grip, which offers a boost to the gun’s overall stability.

Next, he went for the VLK LZR 7MW laser and Demo RXT Stock to drastically buff the ADS speed, ensuring you can always get the crucial first shots in. Finally, the streamer added the “must have” Schlager Soldier Grip for extra ADS speed and sprint-to-fire speed.

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The VEL 46 is currently the third most popular SMG in Warzone 2 behind the Lachmann Sub and Vaznev, but don’t be surprised to see it become the absolute meta close-range gun as we head toward Season 3.

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Image credit: Activision