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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Best Vaznev-9k loadout for Warzone 2 Season 1

The Vaznev-9k is a fast firing, aggressive SMG in Warzone 2. Here’s our recommend loadout for it, including the best attachments to use.



warzone 2 vaznev-9k

The Vaznev-9k SMG in Warzone 2 is a great close-range option for those who like to get up close and personal with the enemy. Here’s the best loadout for the Vaznev in Warzone 2, including the best attachments, Perk Package, and Equipment to complement the gun.

The Kastovia Weapon Platform is very popular in Warzone 2 Season 1, as players have been enjoying the Kastov 762 and the RPK, which FaZe Booya turned into a very powerful Assault Rifle.

Now, players are turning their attention to the Vaznev, which has impressed in Modern Warfare 2‘s multiplayer. That said, here’s our best loadout for the Vaznev-9k in Warzone 2.

Best Warzone 2 Vaznev-9k loadout attachments

  • Barrel: SA Response III
  • Muzzle: XTEN RR-40
  • Stock: Otrezat Stock
  • Rear Grip: True-Tac Grip
  • Magazine: 45 Round Mag

For this Warzone 2 Vaznev-9k loadout, we’ve gone with the SA Response III barrel and the XTEN RR-40 muzzle to improve the weapon’s damage range, bullet velocity, and recoil control.

In order to provide some mobility and handling for the weapon, the Otrezat Stock and the True-Tac Grip will help sprint speed, aim walking speed, sprint to fire speed, and aim down sight speed.

The 45 Round Mag is essential for this loadout, as it means you will be able to take down multiple enemies with this Vaznev-9k loadout before having to reload.

warzone 2 and modern warfare 2 vaznev-9k

Best Warzone 2 Vaznev-9k loadout Perk Package & Equipment

  • Perk Package: Weapon Specialist
  • Base Perk 1: Overkill
  • Base Perk 2: Strong Arm
  • Bonus Perk: Spotter
  • Ultimate Perk: Survivor
  • Lethal: Drill Charge
  • Tactical Equipment: Flash Grenade

As this Warzone 2 Vaznev-9k loadout is built for close-range engagements, you’ll want to run the Weapon Specialist Perk Package, which allows you to carry a longer-ranged weapon thanks to the inclusion of Overkill.

Further, Strong Arm will help you be more accurate with the Drill Charge and Flash Grenade Equipment, which are both great for pushing teams in buildings, and the Spotter Perk will allow you to see any enemy Equipment when making a push.

How to unlock Vaznev-9k in Warzone 2

In order to unlock the Vaznev-9k in Warzone 2, players must unlock and level up a few weapons in the Kastovia Weapon Platform. Follow these steps to unlock the Vaznev in Warzone 2:

  1. Unlock the Kastov 762 at level 23
  2. Reach Level 13 on the Kastov 762 to unlock the Kastov 545
  3. Reach Level 13 on the Kastov 545 to unlock the Kastov-74u
  4. Reach Level 15 on the Kastov-74u to unlock the Vaznev-9K

This is quite a few steps to unlock the weapon, so for those trying to level up quickly, check out our guide to ranking up fast in Warzone 2.

Best Alternatives to the Vaznev-9k in Modern Warfare 2

Other great close-range SMGs in Warzone include the Fennec, which absolutely deletes enemies from up close, and the Kastov-74u, which FaZe Swagg believes is the “fastest killing” weapon in Warzone 2.

For more on Warzone 2, check out the best FOV settings and everything we know about the Season 1 Reloaded update.

Image Credits: Activision