Warzone players dread new Bunker Buster Killstreak that makes nowhere safe

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone bunker buster hitting building

Warzone players are worried about the new Bunker Buster announced with the Season 2 Reloaded update, feeling as if it could be the “architect of many tears.”

Warzone Season 2 Reloaded is set to make a massive impact, dropping lots of new content such as the Warhammer collaboration and a brand-new POI.

Something else is dropping too, literally, and it has players dreading its introduction. Warzone Season 2 Reloaded will bring a brand-new Killstreak to the game, the Bunker Buster. This new Killstreak is set to make quite the impact, as it is said to break through “multiple floors” and leave a “column of gas.”

The prospect of a missile dropping through multiple floors is something that players aren’t taking lightly, as they shared their reactions to the new KIllstreak on the Warzone subreddit. One player said, “This Bunker Buster is going to be the architect of many tears,” implying how strong they believe it could be.

Another said they hope the Bunker Buster is “really rare,” as they believe the Killstreak won’t help Warzone’s gameplay. “You can’t and don’t wanna fight other players? Just bunker buster them in cover,” they said sarcastically.

byu/Kalinine from discussion

While the majority seem to be quite worried about the new Bunker Buster Killstreak in Warzone, some feel it may not be as scary as it sounds.

“Counter is easy. Just hide,” said one user, explaining that it also may not down players consistently, but rather cause big damage and confusion with the smoke it leaves behind. Another explained that its power depends on “how long the warning to time of strike actually is.”

Others have added more comedic reactions, as one player said, “Pretty sure that bunker buster thing has been in the game for a while. Seems to be called precision airstrike and kills you behind walls 50% of the time.”

Another agreed, “Except this time, it comes with gas! At this point, why didn’t they just add the Nebula V Bomb from Caldera?”

We’ll have to wait and see just how powerful this new Bunker Buster is in Warzone Season 2 Reloaded when the update lands, which is also set to bring a new Godzilla x Kong bundle.