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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Best VEL 46 MP7 loadout for Warzone 2 Season 1

Here’s the best Warzone 2 VEL 46 loadout to use on Al Mazrah for those who are looking for a new SMG build.



warzone 2 vel 46 smg

The VEL 46 is a strong SMG option in Warzone 2 and is reminiscent of the MP7 from previous Call of Duty games. If you’re looking to use the VEL 46 on Al Mazrah, here’s our best loadout for it.

While Warzone 2‘s Al Mazrah certainly offers a lot of long-range sights that allow Snipers to excel, you definitely don’t want to get caught with your hands tied when it comes to close-quarters combat.

The best weapons for close-range gunfights in Warzone 2 are SMGs, and for those familiar with the MP7 from MW2019 and previous Call of Duty games, the VEL 46 just might be the SMG for you.

Here is the best Warzone 2 VEL 46 MP7 loadout for Season 1, including the best attachments, Perk Package, and Equipment to use.

Best Warzone 2 VEL 46 MP7 loadout attachments

  • Muzzle: XTEN RR-40
  • Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7MW
  • Rear Grip: Schlager Soldier Grip
  • Magazine: 50 Round Mag

First off, for this VEL 46 MP7 loadout in Warzone 2, we’ve gone with the XTEN RR-40 muzzle to increase bullet velocity, damage range, and recoil smoothness. This will allow you to kill enemies faster over range and also stay on target thanks to the improved accuracy.

As for the underbarrel, the FTAC Ripper 56 will provide some much-needed recoil stabilization and added accuracy, which is essential for this fast-firing weapon.

Next up we have the VLK LZR 7MW and Schlager Soldier Grip which both provide some aim down sight speed and sprint-to-fire speed which is great for a close-range build as it allows you to get your shots off first.

Lastly, as the fire rate is extremely fast, you’ll want the 50 Round Mag for when you’re taking on multiple enemies, as it means you won’t need to take time out to reload.

vel 46 mp7 in modern warfare 2

Best Warzone 2 VEL 46 MP7 loadout Perk Package & Equipment

  • Perk Package: Specter
  • Base Perk 1: Double Time
  • Base Perk 2: Tracker
  • Bonus Perk: Spotter
  • Ultimate Perk: Ghost
  • Lethal: Throwing Knife
  • Tactical Equipment: Smoke Grenade

When it comes to the Perk Package for this Warzone 2 VEL 46 loadout, we’ve had most success with Specter.

Not only does this Perk Package provide Ghost, but it’s great for this SMG build as you will find yourself chasing enemies down a lot, so Tracker, Double Time, and Spotter all come in handy.

As for Equipment, Smoke Grenades will allow you to break lines of sight when trying to get close with this SMG, and the Throwing Knife will allow you to finish downed enemies nice and quickly so that you can loot up before backup arrives.

How to unlock the VEL 46 MP7 in Warzone 2

Luckily, players won’t have to wait long until they can use the VEL 46, as it can be used as soon as Custom Loadouts are unlocked at Rank 4.

Best Alternatives to the VEL 46 MP7 in Warzone 2

For those looking for something with an even faster fire rate, make sure you try out our Fennec 45 loadout, which absolutely shreds enemies with a ridiculous close-range TTK.

Perhaps you’re looking for something with slightly more range, in that case, the Vaznev-9k SMG is a perfect choice.

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Image Credits: Activision