CoD: Warzone players are desperate for the return of Realism mode

Andrew Highton
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Realism is a Limited Time Mode that hasn’t been seen in Warzone in some time. Players are keen for CoD to bring back this harsher and more realistic game mode.

As with every Call of Duty game, there’s always a ravenous portion of the fanbase that lives and breathes Hardcore variations of traditional game modes. The thrill of an unencumbered HUD and reduced health adds many layers of depth to an already deep military shooter.

Activision’s Warzone is already a stunningly-tense environment to become locked in, and some players are desperate to see the conditions become even tougher with the return of Realism mode.

cod warzone verdansk season 2

Realism mode completely changes the dynamic of Warzone as the greater restrictions can actually become too much for some players to bear.

Here are the ways in which the mode differentiates from standard Warzone:

  • Increased headshot damage
  • Limited HUD
  • No map on the main player screen. It must be brought up manually, which will block a player’s view
  • Teammates won’t be seen on screen but only on the map

With this in mind, a Reddit thread has surfaced recently that discusses the mode and quite a few users have made it clear they’d like to see it return. SgtIntermediate said, “I loved every second of it. My Grau was viable again in season 5. You could pixel headshot somebody roof camping with the Grau and kill them. I loved the mode. I wish they would bring it back.”

Another cool detail to note is how many are on board with the idea of not showing the circle in Warzone, at all. Chief-Aldo said, “No circle at all during the entire game. Meaning you need to consult the map more and plan your strategy based on your predictions on the gas movement. It makes it more realistic.”

The idea of a no circle game mode is a unique proposition as it would force players to be wary of their every movement and question every decision they made during a game.

Given that Warzone is here to stay for a long time, it could very well be something we will see down the line, maybe even in the Season 2 mid-season update?

Image credits: Activision

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