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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

JGOD reveals how Warzone’s broken camera gives players huge advantage

Popular Warzone content creator JGOD has explained how the top players exploit Call of Duty’s broken camera system to win gunfights.



JGOD explains Warzone's broken cameras

YouTuber JGOD has broken down why Warzone’s “broken” camera and movement system gives players a huge advantage.

Bunny-hopping, snaking, and slide canceling are all movement techniques advanced players use to get the edge on their opponents. Exploiting Call of Duty’s camera is nothing new, but YouTuber JGOD has broken down how the top Warzone players use the game’s “broken” movement and camera system to win gunfights.

When watching your favorite Warzone streamers or content creators, you may have heard the term “peeker’s advantage” thrown around. This is when the person that swings the corner first has the edge on their opponent on the other side, and JGOD has explained why this is the case.

Warzone Mara character jumping

JGOD demonstrates several scenarios in which ‘camera desync’ comes into play and gives the aggressor a significant advantage.

“Unfortunately, the game can’t keep up with how fast character models move,” he explains. “The peeker has the advantage; it gives you the chance to react first and see the person first.”

To prove this is the case, JGOD syncs up a Gulag fight between Aydan and Speros. Aydan sits on the flag in the middle and Speros aggressively jumps in front of him. Because of ‘camera desync,’ Speros sees Aydan long before he appears on Aydan’s screen, giving him much more time to line up the shot and win the gunfight.

And this issue isn’t exclusive to Warzone, JGOD hopped into a private match of Black Ops Cold War and found the exact same result – the person to swing the corner sees their opponent first.

To take advantage of this yourself, you should always try to be the aggressor. If you know someone is around the corner or in the next room, you should make sure you’re the one to push. You’ll get ‘peeker’s advantage’ and more time to line up your shot than your opponent.

As camera exploits have been in Call of Duty for years, it’s unlikely they will be fixed any time soon.

Image Credit: JGOD / Activision