Warzone players beg devs to remove “horrible” Vondel feature ruining matches

Nathan Warby
Vondel map in Warzone

Warzone’s Vondle has been a popular addition ever since the Resurgence map arrived back in the Al Mazrah era, but players are desperate for one specific feature that “serves no purpose” to be removed.

Warzone features plenty of variety when it comes to game modes, whether you want a full-scale battle royale experience or a smaller mode to level up guns like the ever-rotating Plunder. Of all the modes available in the game, Resurgence has become one of the most beloved.

This is partly thanks to the fast-paced matches that encourage players to rack up plenty of kills, but also due to the popularity of its two maps, Ashika Island and Vondel. The latter, in particular, has become a fan favorite, with many loving the Amsterdam-style layout and close-quarters gunfights.

However, Warzone players are calling for one major change to Vondel to make matches even smoother and even more fun.

A post from Reddit user ‘_SMILE343’ asked the devs to “just remove fog in Vondel already,” before adding: “Fog in Vondel just makes the game look horrible. Just remove it. It serves 0 purpose. It does not make the game more fun. It just makes eveything look… bleurgh.”

Another user named ‘ssjy0sh1’ shared a similar sentiment in a different post, which featured a clip showing how the fog affects their game. The player’s squad was stranded on a rooftop unable to see any of the surrounding buildings, making the visibility “atrocious.”

Plenty of other players responded to both threads, criticizing the devs for making the fog so thick on Vondel and disrupting their Warzone matches.

“Why was it put in the game in the first place? People always b****ed about visibility and they add fog,” said one player, before another added: “At first it was kinda fun because it was new….now though the novelty has worn off, get rid!”

As some pointed out, the fog on Vondel is likely to reduce long-range gunfights and force players into more close-quarters combat. However, others weren’t convinced by this argument.

“But Vondel doesn’t need fog to make close range weapons viable. Most of the map is perfect for close quarters,” argued another reply. “Of course every map should allow for a variety of playstyles, but that should come from the layout of the map. Not by killing visibility.”

Only time will tell if the devs decide to listen to the complaints and remove the fog from Vondel in a future Warzone update. However, with Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep coming down the line, they may choose to focus their efforts elsewhere.

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