XDefiant players divided as another dev update leaves release date unconfirmed

Nathan Warby
XDefiant character firing Assault Rifle

XDefiant Executive Producer, Mark Rubin, has provided another update on the upcoming FPS’s development, but some fans were left “worried” as a release date still wasn’t confirmed.

The FPS market is crowded right now, with Modern Warfare 3 arriving on November 10 and The Finals Open Beta stealing plenty of headlines, but there’s still plenty of hype for XDefiant. Ubisoft’s upcoming project drops some of its biggest franchises into a classic arena shooter as Factions with unique abilities.

But after a successful Open Beta and a number of Test Sessions, as well as plenty of leaks, there is still no official XDefiant release date.

Ubisoft Executive Producer, Mark Rubin, has been providing regular updates on the game’s development, but the community was left divided after another post didn’t include a launch date once again.

On November 1, Rubin said in an X (formerly Twitter) post: “First off, I can’t give you a date yet. I know that’s frustrating for some and I’m sorry, but we want to give a date when we are 100% sure of it.”

He went on to detail what the team are currently working on, including the stability of the servers. The devs are switching over to Linux, which they hope will “help overall server performance” and ensure they can “handle a larger number of players.”

Rubin also mentioned that they are completely replacing the party system, as they “found that it didn’t quite live up to expectations when put under the load of actually being live.”

As you’d expect, many players were disappointed to hear that an XDefiant release date still hasn’t been nailed down and some were even “worried” about the game’s success.

One reply said: “I’m not excited anymore, with the new FINALS game coming out and cod I just feel like you guys missed a big opportunity to try to take a place on the top shelf this year when it comes to FPS gaming.”

Others argued that the devs are sitting on XDefiant for now so that it can be released once the hype of Modern Warfare 3 and the Fortnite OG update has worn off.

However, there were plenty of replies praising the team for being open on how the development of XDefiant is going and not committing to a release date they won’t be able to hit.

“We deeply appreciate the transparency, Mark. We hope everything goes well with the team and the game and are looking forward to more news soon,” said another reply. “Longevity of XDefiant is far more important than a rushed release date.”

It remains to be seen when XDefiant will finally arrive, with many fans now expecting it to be released in early 2024. Luckily, the devs are committed to supporting XDefiant for many years, with Ranked Play and a whole roadmap of Year 1 content already confirmed.