XDefiant players split as Test Session was major “step back” from beta

Liam Mackay
XDefiant player firing assault rifle

XDefiant, Ubisoft’s upcoming take on the classic arena shooter genre, is scheduled to release later in 2023 and the devs ran a quick Test Session ahead of launch. Unfortunately, the reception has been mixed, with many players saying the game felt significantly worse than the betas back in June.

After FPS fans fell in love with XDefiant in its beta phase, they’ve been desperately awaiting its launch. It was originally scheduled for Summer 2023 but has been delayed, expected to launch around the same time as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which is arguably its biggest competitor.

Ahead of launch, the devs held a short Test Session on September 28 to check the servers and fix any issues live. With this test session now over, the feedback has been extremely mixed. While some players experienced it for the first time and fell in love with its classic arena shooter feel, many feel the game has taken a step back since the beta.

The XDefiant subreddit has been ablaze since the test session ended, with players offering a ton of feedback. Most posts have been about how the game feels much different from how it did before, with the movement feeling “clunky,” aim assist feeling too sticky, hit reg feeling off, as well as worse performance.

“The game feels like it’s regressed since the Beta. Wtf have they been doing the last couple months? I’m pretty disappointed,” posted Reddit user ApprehensiveBad6051.

“This just kinda doesn’t feel like the same game as the beta,” echoed Keegabyte. “Either way, this feels like a step back.”

It’s not all bad though, with users such as Fearlessmojo saying that “everything feels smooth.” Another user theorized that “the people not having problems are the ones who aren’t posting because they’re lucky enough to be enjoying the game with ease.”

Of course, this feedback is what the Test Session is for, and whether positive or negative, the devs want to hear it.

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