XDefiant players can’t wait for nerf to “insufferable” bunny hopping

Souhardya Choudhury
XDefiant squad gameplay

Bunny hopping has always been a controversial aspect of FPS titles like XDefiant, and players are fed up with other people using this tactic constantly to get wins.

Even though Ubisoft have been releasing patches to address several issues in XDefiant, hacking and ratty tactics, just like most online shooters, have been prevalent in the game since its launch. Many players have been complaining about them each day, with bunny hopping being one of the biggest offenders.

Bunny hopping is an age-old tactic in FPS titles where players jump around and change directions while shooting their weapons simultaneously, making it difficult for their opponent to get a decent shot, and of course, it’s widely hated.

Reddit user ‘curiousity2424’ is quite unhappy with this playstyle in XDefiant as they posted a video of their death against a bunny hopper in the subreddit, claiming that these players are “insufferable” to deal with.

The post completely took over the XDefiant subreddit as other players were on the same page as the OP, claiming that “it’s an annoying playstyle.” One of the biggest reasons why people are fed up with such players is how they easily change directions mid-air, making it practically impossible to shoot them.

Alongside the mid-air movement, players have said that bunny hopping in XDefiant offers an extra layer of protection to such players as the hitboxes seem to move out of the character’s model, resulting in unsatisfactory hit registration.

“That’s kind of a big issue, the fact that it’s so annoying and so easy to do,” added one player while another mentioned how “the air strafing combined with the net code and horrible hit registration” is the main reason why players are dropping XDefiant completely.

Bunny hopping has always been one of the most controversial plays in FPS titles, and in XDefiant, the issue seems to be even more severe as it not only makes it difficult for opponents but also gives such players an added edge in putting out headshots as well.

On June 4, Ubisoft have confirmed that the next update will address bunny-hopping complaints, alongside screen shake and Sniper flinch concerns as well. According to Mark Rubin, Executive Producer of XDefiant, the patch will be dropping anytime between June 9 and June 15.

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