XDefiant player shares how to stop teams ignoring objectives with simple change

Max Candelarezi
XDefiant players escorting Carlos

It’s no secret that XDefiant focuses on objectives making them a key element to rack up XP. However, to maximize this and improve the gameplay experience, a simple change could prevent players from ignoring the in-game objectives.

XDefiant has attracted many FPS players by offering a ton of game modes that players can dive into. While it provides an experience similar to other franchises like Call of Duty, Ubisoft‘s game focuses heavily on objective-based gameplay.

With plenty of weapons and attachments available in XDefiant, it’s no wonder many players prioritize killing enemies to level up fast while also improving their kill/death (KD) ratio. This stat has long been a key measure for CoD players.

However, within a discussion on Reddit about the importance of KD in the game, user Moonside_222 suggested a simple change to balance various playstyles and improve the FPS experience, stating that the devs “should be making OBJ points and Wins also count as weapon XP.”

This change would incentivize players who prioritize kills to also engage with objectives in XDefiant, as they would earn XP for both their overall level and their weapons. This dual reward system would be crucial for players who are now focusing on kills to unlock more attachments to customize their loadouts.

Additionally, while the game offers a ton of ways to accumulate in-game score, focusing on objectives can make a significant impact on the match, allowing you to be “on the top of the leaderboard even with negative K/D by being a team player.”

While putting pressure on the enemy team by constantly trying to eliminate them should remain a valuable strategy, improving the XP rewards for completing in-game objectives could motivate allies to help win the match.

Even if the amount of XP is a “little lower,” it could at least provide a useful boost, making it easier for the whole team to win without being overwhelmed.

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