XDefiant devs confirm Sniper nerf and progression changes coming soon

Lucas Simons
XDefiant gameplay

After the XDefiant community voiced their concern regarding game balance and level progression, Executive Producer Mark Rubin spoke out and stated that they’re working on several highly requested nerfs to Sniper Rifles and leveling.

XDefiant‘s impressive amount of active players have maintained constant feedback with the devs about which game features they believe are not optimized enough. This has led Mark Rubin, Executive Producer of the XDefiant team, to respond to their concerns.

Regarding level progression and season pass balance, players have repeatedly stated that they feel compelled to “grind like hell” to be able to unlock all the required attachments for their builds. Many players have also said that they feel like the game “requests them to be playing all day” to be able to fill up the Season Pass.

When questioned by a player on X about the current state of the season pass and weapon leveling, Mark Rubin has answered personally that they are “evaluating it.”

A player named ‘Shadow’ has asked about the current condition of Sniper Rifles, which allows XDefiant players to aim without flinching even when they’re being shot, and if the devs are meaning to nerf them. Mark Rubin simply answered with “Yes.”

While most of the players received the news about the upcoming changes with positive responses, other players reminded the devs that there are still many issues pending to be solved. For example, a player mentioned that several other weapons like the MP7 require nerfs, and others reminded him about the cheaters issue that is causing distress among players.

Whether XDefiant will keep this open line of communications from now on or not remains to be seen. If you want to know more about the game, you can check our guides for builds, loadouts, and how to level up fast.

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