XDefiant players annoyed as progression changes make camo grind worse

Max Candelarezi
XDefiant Faction characters

XDefiant’s June 18 update brought several highly requested changes to the weapon leveling progression but some players are annoyed as these modifications make the camo grind worse.

XDefiant features a wide variety of weapons players can choose from, along with an extensive pool of attachments to improve their performance. Since the game’s launch, players have been asking the devs to improve the slow weapon progression.

The June 18 update addressed this issue speeding up the unlocking weapon attachments process by lowering 500 XP total needed for both primary and secondary weapons.

However, given this change is “retroactive,” players’ existing weapon levels will be lower than before the update. This caused some to complain about the overall change regarding weapon progression, especially those who love grinding for Mastery Camos as the requirement was also raised.

xdefiant phantom faction character aiming gun
XDefiant’s guns have over 150 levels to go through.

In an X post, XDefiant’s Executive Producer Mark Rubin shared that this change is set to make the whole system “more engaging” balancing the changes for faster leveling, allowing players easier access to attachments, while granting completionist players a challenge to get the Mastery camos.

Below the post, a player expressed, “100 levels was insane so I don’t think raising the level it for mastery camo would be fun for anyone. At that rate people won’t have mastery.”

Others also felt like their time was wasted, “Feels disappointing as someone who’s been grinding all the guns none stop since launch, almost all the primary weapons done and now have to go back and relevel them,” a player shared.

While speeding up the process of leveling up weapons was mostly well received, the Mastery camo and readjusted weapon level changes clouded the tweak, as one player pointed out, “Increasing the rate at which you can obtain attachments is good but no one asked for increased mastery camo grind.”

Mark Rubin mentioned that they will “continue to evaluate” these changes, considering players’ feedback “whether it’s positive or negative.” Even though weapon progression is now faster, the increased requirements for Mastery camos and updated weapon levels haven’t satisfied the players.