XDefiant players demand fix for “ridiculous” Shotgun inconsistency

Souhardya Choudhury
XDefiant gameplay

XDefiant players are not pleased with several aspects of the game even after a bunch of patches, and Shotguns are related to some of the biggest complaints they have.

Amidst the Sniper and AR meta in XDefiant, Shotguns have been underpowered during Preseason as many players are struggling to use them in the game. Several complaints and requests for Shotgun buffs have come up among the online community.

Reddit user ‘FUSMC1998’ shared a clip of their experience with Shotguns in the XDefiant subreddit as the player claimed how they need to be fixed as soon as possible. In the clip, the OP dies even after shooting the enemy twice with their Shotgun from a reasonable distance.

“How is this even possible bro,” added the OP as they were quite surprised that they did not manage to kill their enemy with two hits from close range. Hit registration and the server netcode have been some of the most controversial topics in XDefiant, and players suggest that the clip above is a result of said issues.

“This is 100% a netcode/hitreg problem, not a Shotgun problem,” suggested a player while others were convinced that “Shotguns need a buff” in XDefiant. Hit registration has not been the most praised aspect of the game since launch, but most players tend to avoid Shotguns as well.

One player was even disappointed that Shotguns have a “1 meter effective range” in the game, while others were surprised that the OP managed to get “enough kills to unlock the red dot.”

With all the complaints about Shotguns and hit registration, alongside the netcode dilemma in XDefiant, it’ll be interesting to see how Ubisoft gets through all of this. However, if you’re interested in XDefiant, make sure that you’re caught up with the current meta with our ACR 6.8 and AK-47 builds.