XDefiant’s next patch finally brings bunny hop changes, hit reg fix & more

Joseph Pascoulis
xdefiant players behind escort payload

XDefiant is set to receive some huge gameplay changes in the next patch, as Mark Rubin outlined exactly what’s being worked on.

XDefiant’s Preseason is well underway, and as players look forward to Season 1’s content, others are eager for the devs to address some gameplay issues such as bunny hopping and the hit registration.

Luckily, Mark Rubin, the Executive Producer for XDefiant, is all about communication, as he uses X to talk to the community, respond to feedback, and let players know what the next goal is for the shooter.

On June 4, 2024, Mark Rubin detailed a set of gameplay changes that the next patch will look to address, namely Sniper flinch, bunny hopping, and screen shake, as well as hit registration/netcode fixes.

Bunny hopping has been a complaint of the XDefiant community since the game launched on May 21, 2024, as many feel you can spam it too often and that the movement needs some drawbacks for balance.

In the comments of the X post, Mark Rubin explained the current issue with bunny hopping, as he said, “Multiple jumps repeatedly is not what we want from the design.” However, Rubin and the devs still want “movement skill,” as he also said, “jump shotting is and should be a thing,” but, clearly they feel jumping is not being used in the manner they wished for.

Snipers are also extremely strong at the moment, so the devs will look to introduce Sniper flinch to help balance their power.

When it comes to the XDefiant hit reg fixes, Rubin makes it clear that “no ‘one’ change will fix everything,” but the devs will continue to make improvements over the weekly patches to eventually get it where it needs to be.

We’ll make sure to cover XDefiant’s next patch, but until then, check out how you’re missing out on easy XP and when the next Double XP event will arrive.

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