How to fix ‘Unable to Find Match error’ in XDefiant

Aryan Singh
Character running in XDefiant

Online multiplayer titles are prone to matchmaking issues and Ubisoft’s XDefiant is no different. One issue that many players have been running into is the ‘Unable to Find Match’ error. So, here are some fixes for it.

XDefiant is live for players across all platforms but many users have reported facing matchmaking issues that are blocking them from playing the game. A major problem that many of them have come across is the ‘Unable to Find Match’ message that pops up while attempting to join a playlist.

The error can occur regardless of which playlist or game mode you attempt to join, as the game displays the lobby screen before booting you out and showing the error message. If the issue continues to be a problem for you, here are some possible fixes for the Unable to Find Match error in XDefiant.

XDefiant Unable to Find Match error fix

The Unable to Find Match error in XDefiant occurs due to a problem with the game’s servers. So, the best way to get past the error is by checking the game’s server status and trying again later. You can check the status by heading over to XDefiaint’s official X account, as the devs are quick to inform players about server issues.

If the error persists for you, here are some possible fixes you can try out:

Check your internet connection

With XDefiant’s servers dealing with congestion, you’ll need a strong internet connection to improve your chances of finding a match. To make sure that your connection is up to the task, you can try out a packet loss check.

Just type ‘cmd‘ in the Start menu. Then, type ‘ping -t’ and press Enter. If your connection is solid, no packets will be lost. If you’re experiencing packet loss, you’ll see ‘Request timed out’ in the Command Prompt.

Verify game files

If your connection looks solid yet you continue to face the Unable to Find Match error in XDefiant, consider verifying the integrity of game files. To do this, launch Ubisoft Connect, head to the library, and click the three dots next to the XDefiant game icon. Now, choose Verify files.

Reinstall the game

As a last resort, you can attempt to fix the error by reinstalling XDefiant on your system. To reinstall the game, simply find the game’s store page on consoles or install it through Ubisoft Connect on PC.

Wait for updates from devs

If nothing works, the best course of action is to wait for an update from the devs. With XDefiant’s servers struggling to deal with player traffic, the devs have confirmed that they’re looking into matchmaking problems. So, make sure to keep an eye on an update from them and try joining a playlist once the issue has been addressed.

Those were some potential fixes for the Unable to Find Match error in XDefiant. For more on the FPS title, check out:

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