XDefiant dev shares easy fix for “inconsistent” slide mechanic

Max Candelarezi
XDefiantcharacter sliding

Given XDefiant’s fast-paced gameplay, nailing movement has become a fundamental part of the game to improve your performance. To do this, a dev shared a small trick to solve an “inconsistent” movement mechanic in the FPS.

With XDefiant‘s dominant non-stop action, knowing how to move has become essential. This, combined with the best weapons, as well as controller settings and Factions, will allow you to dominate your opponents.

Movement is key in XDefiant, and since the game’s launch players have noticed how popular mechanics like bunny hopping are. However, some have noticed that the slide can feel a little “inconsistent.” Luckily, XDefiant dev ACHES shared an explanation to solve it.

On an X post, ACHES said players need to “sprint for a minimum amount of time before getting the maximum slide speed/distance.” This means that if players aren’t reaching the minimum sprint time, the “slide speed will be reduced based on how long [they] were sprinting.”

While this may take a little time and practice to nail down, by mastering the sprint timing in XDefiant, you’ll become a harder target to hit, making it less likely for you to be eliminated easily.

Additionally, mastering the sliding technique can unlock additional moves, significantly enhancing your chances of survival. In another X post in response to a player asking about sliding opportunities, ACHES highlighted how you can even turn the direction while sliding.

If you want to learn the game’s movement, jumping into the Practice Zone is the most effective way, just like ACHES does in the clip shared above. This area offers a large, threat-free space for honing your skills.

Knowing this, you should now be able to master movement in XDefiant. However, ensure you have the best audio settings or how to counter the Incinerator Drone and Spiderbot to keep your streak as long as possible.

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