Best F1 24 audio settings for console & PC

Max Candelarezi

Hearing the engines roar in F1 24 is an unbeatable experience, that’s why optimizing your audio settings is crucial for getting the most out of the racing game. Here are the best audio settings in F1 24.

Nothing beats feeling the adrenaline surge as a rival speeds closer in F1 24, but to immerse yourself in the racing experience, having all the sounds optimized correctly is essential.

On that note, here are the best audio settings so you don’t miss any valuable sound while on track in EA Sports‘ F1 24.

Best F1 24 audio settings for PlayStation, Xbox & PC

F1 24 best audio settings menu
The best audio settings ensure you don’t miss any sound while driving.

Whether you’re familiar with F1 games or are looking to jump into one for the first time with F1 24, here are the best audio settings to use on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.


  • Master Volume: 6
  • Effects: 10
  • Speech: 10
  • Music: 4
  • Other Cars: 10
  • Voice Chat Volume: 10
  • On Board Mix: Cinematic (Switch to Driver for a more immersive experience)
  • Subtitles: Off
  • Mono Mix: Off
    • Mono Mix Balancing: 0
  • Tinnitus Relief Filter: Off
    • Tinnitus Relief Filter Frequency: 5kHz
  • Speaker Type: Auto
  • LFE Type: Subwoofer
  • Engineer Ducking: Light
  • Spacial Audio: Off


  • Lead Commentator: Pick the one you like the most
  • Commentary Language: English
  • Radio Language: English


  • Push to Talk: On
  • Mute by Default: On
  • Voice Chat Ducking: Off

Audio Assists

  • Upshift Tone: Off
  • Formation Lap Parking Sensor: On


  • Radio Output Device: Auto
  • Radio Verbosity: Reduced
  • Play Victory Radio Calls: On
  • Play SFX Through Wireless Controller Speaker: Off


  • Music Spatialization: On
  • Music Type: Theme (Use Soundtrack if you won’t stream the game or don’t mind some music)
  • Session Music: Off

Those were the best audio settings for F1 24 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, allowing you to immerse yourself into the real F1 driver experience, being alert to everything that happens around you, and getting the most out of the new gameplay features.

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