How to refund skins and VP in Valorant

Aakrit Sharma
Valorant Agents poster from left to right: Astra, Brimstone, Omen and Viper

Valorant has released tons of skins since its release and the community spends heavily on these flashy cosmetics to stand out in lobbies. If you’re not satisfied with a purchase though, here’s how to refund skins and VP in Valorant.

Valorant is completely free-to-play, implying that paying money will never give you a competitive edge over others. Having said that, microtransactions in F2P titles like Fortnite, OW2, and Apex Legends have become increasingly popular and players love spending money on attractive and unique cosmetics.

Liking an in-game skin is as subjective as it gets and, on top of that, the developers aim to consistently release new cosmetics with better visuals, animations, effects, and themes. Valorant is no exception, as over the years, the community’s skins preferences have changed a lot.

If you’re not happy with your purchased skins for any reason, here’s how to refund skins and VP in Valorant, including the eligibility criteria for refunds.

Valorant Breeze map's gameplay featuring Viper, Cypher, Brimstone, and Reyna
Valorant is one of the most popular shooters.

Eligibility criteria to refund skins & VP in Valorant

Valorant initiates refunds only on unused in-game content and unused VP purchased within the last 14 days. Do note that in-game content is considered used once you’ve entered the loading screen of a match in any game mode, including custom games and practice.

Based on these criteria, you can’t get a refund for the following items in Valorant:

  • Used weapon skins
  • Upgraded weapon skins
  • Used in-game cosmetics such as player cards and gun buddies.
  • Character contract levels
  • Weapon skin levels and variants
  • Weapon skin bundles
  • Premium Battle Pass and its levels
  • Agents
  • Radiante Points
  • Any purchase made via Kingdom Credits (Agent Gear, Accessories Store)

Once you’re sure that the items you want to refund are unused and were purchased within the last 14 days, you can submit a refund request.

How to refund weapon skins & VP in Valorant

How to refund weapon skins

Follow these steps to refund Valorant skins:

  1. Visit the official Valorant refund support page.
  2. Scroll down and log in with your in-game account.
  3. Click on Get My Order History.
  4. A list of skins that are eligible for a refund will appear.
  5. Choose the weapon skin you want to refund.

If the skin you want to refund doesn’t appear on the list, you can try submitting a ticket and wait for a response.

Lotus map in Valorant
Lotus map has three sites in Valorant, similar to Haven.

How to refund Valorant Points

  1. Visit the official Valorant’s Submit a request page.
  2. Select Billing, Payment, and Premium Currency Rewards.
  3. Properly describe the issue at hand and frame a precise subject.
  4. Under Please Select your Inquiry, select the I’m having an issue with Riot Premium Currency option.
  5. In the section below it, select Requesting a Refund.
  6. Attach any files if necessary and Submit.

After following these steps, you must wait for a response.

That was everything you need to know about getting refunds for skins and VP in Valorant. For similar content and guides related to the game you can check out our guide section below:

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