Best Valorant Agents for Iso on each map: Top team compositions

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Iso aiming with a gun in Valorant poster

Valorant’s new Duelist, Iso, has made his way into the game and players are trying him out in all game modes. Whether you’re looking to lock in Iso or have someone else pick him in your team, here are the best Agents in Valorant that work well with Iso.

Valorant Episode 7 Act 3 is finally here, much to the excitement of the fans around the world. The new Act brings not only a plethora of balance changes but also a new Agent, Iso, the seventh Duelist addition to the title. 

With Iso’s release, there are over 20 Agents in the game, and it can be difficult for players to keep up with the Agent meta. So, if there’s an Iso in your team and you’re wondering which Agents would bring the best out of him, here are our picks for every map in Valorant.

Iso pointing a gun with many hands on his side in a Valorant poster
Iso is the only Duelist addition to Valorant in almost two years.

Best Valorant Agents to pick with Iso in team

We’ve listed the best Agents to select with Iso in the team for every map in Valorant in the table below.

MapAgents/Team Composition
AscentIso, Reyna, Sova, Killjoy, Omen
BindIso, Raze, Skye, Viper, Cypher
BreezeIso, Reyna, Harbor, Viper, Cypher
HavenIso, Sova, Jett, Viper, Killjoy
LotusIso, Fade, Reyna, Viper, Cypher
SplitIso, Raze, Skye, Viper, Killjoy
SunsetIso, Jett, Viper, Harbor, Skye

Keep in mind that all the Agents listed above for each map will help Iso use his abilities in the best way possible. These characters either make space for Iso to charge into an area or capitalize on his space-making abilities, like Contingency and Undercut.

Additionally, Killjoy has been one of the strongest Sentinel picks, however, after the huge Cypher buff, you can play either of the Agents on any map. They both provide great utility to hold an area while defending and guard the flank while attacking.

Best Valorant Agents for Iso on Ascent

Although Ascent has a simple layout in Valorant, it’s a large map with long rotations. While picking Sova is a must on Ascent as he provides an ample amount of info to the team, Reyna can utilize Iso’s kit with great effectiveness.

Then, Omen can smoke and provide support to an attacking or defending Iso from any part of the map. Finally, Killjoy can hold the choke points and slow down enemy rushes, buying a decent amount of time for their team to rotate on this large map.

Best Valorant Agents for Iso on Bind

Bind is a small map with quick rotations, thanks to the two teleporters. While Raze always has the potential to dominate on this map, Iso’s abilities can help her advance onto an area with ease. Both the characters can create a ton of space for their team on this map, and with the help of Skye, it would be much simpler.

Next, Viper provides great Controller utility, enabling players to cut off the line of sights in multiple parts of the map. And Cypher can lock down an area and possibly get a few kills using his Cage (Cypher smokes).

iso shield valorant
Iso is a Duelist but can utilize his abilities like an Initiator as well.

Best Valorant Agents for Iso on Breeze

Breeze is a large map in Valorant with open areas and picking Agents like Harbor and Viper, alongside Iso, is a must. Both the Controller characters not only limit opponents’ vision but also help stop the enemies from defusing the Spike.

Reyna, as the second Duelist on the team, can easily charge into the sites with Iso and Cypher can gain enemy intel using his camera, while also maintaining control over an area using his traps.

Best Valorant Agents for Iso on Haven

Haven is a big map with three sites in Valorant and players should choose Agents like Sova and Killjoy while playing on this map. While Sova can provide early info, identifying where the enemies are heading, Killjoy can lock down an area using her Alarmbot and Nanoswarms.

Then, Jett is quick on the rotations and flanks in Haven and Viper provides the much-needed Controller support to the team.

Best Valorant Agents for Iso on Lotus

Lotus is the second map with three sites in Valorant and selecting Agents like Fade and Reyna can help Iso make aggressive plays on the map. While Reyna can charge into an area with Iso, Fade not only provides info to the team but also allows taking a site with ease using her ultimate.

With the Initiator and Duelists busy charging toward enemies, both Viper and Cypher provide excellent support in the form of maintaining control over an area, watching flanks, and cutting off enemies’ line of sight.

Iso using Undercut Valorant
Iso doesn’t have any mobility abilities in his kit.

Best Valorant Agents for Iso on Split

Lotus is a compact map with varying ground heights and picking Agents like Raze and Skye can do wonders for the Iso on your team. While Raze can quickly turn Split into her playground by dishing out large amounts of damage with her nade, Skye can provide great support using her flashes on this map.

Next, Viper cuts off vision around entrances and chokepoints with the help of her utility kit and can also slow down enemies using her Snake Bite (Viper molly). Finally, Killjoy is a strong character on Split as she allows players to watch over flanks, slow down enemies from rushing or defusing the spike, and take complete control of sites using her ultimate.

Best Valorant Agents for Iso on Sunset

Sunset is the newest addition to Valorant’s active pool of maps and having Agents like Jett and Skye, alongside Iso, will help you take control of any are. Jett can advance onto most areas on the map easily, and Skye enables both Iso and Jett to take control using her flashes and healing.

Then, both Viper and Harbor provide the necessary defensive abilities to not only block enemies’ vision but also provide cover for the Spike planter, delay the Spike from getting defused, and help take control of an area using ultimates.

So there you have it! Those are the best Agents in Valorant to pick with Iso on your team. For more content on Valorant, make sure to check out the following:

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