Valorant most popular Agents: Character pick rate & win rate in Episode 7 Act 3

Reyna and Killjoy, with Reyna holding a gun in ValorantRiot Games

Riot Games has introduced 23 Agents in Valorant, including Iso, since its release in June 2020, and naturally, some are more popular than others. Here are the most popular Agents in Episode 7 Act 3 of Valorant, including their pick and win rates.

Act 3 of Episode 7 is in full swing in Valorant, bringing another Duelist called Iso into Riot’s biggest shooter. Unlike CS2, characters in Valorant have unique abilities that help inflict damage, block off vision on different parts of the map, blind enemies, and more.

Every Valorant Agent can carry three abilities, along with an Ultimate that charges with orb points or kills, and these can greatly influence how a match turns out. While the best Agents to use in the current meta might paint a different picture, a majority of the players like to run their favorite characters.

With that in mind, here are the most popular Valorant agents based on their pick rate across all maps and modes, according to the stats from

Most picked Valorant Agents in Episode 7 Act 3

23. Harbor

Harbor poster for ValorantRiot Games
Harbor can manipulate water with his skills.
  • Pick rate – 0.9
  • Win rate – 46.5%
  • Agent type – Controller

The least popular Agent in Valorant happens to be Harbor. This Controller can summon smoke grenades that also act like shields which seems quite powerful at first glance, but in hindsight, casual players have discovered that other Agents can easily outshine these skills.

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22. Deadlock

Deadlock in Valorant game.Riot Games
Deadlock is from Norway.
  • Pick rate – 1.1%
  • Win rate – 48.6%
  • Agent type – Sentinel

Deadlock made her way into Valorant in Act 2 of Episode 7 and many in the community were rushing to try out the new Sentinel. Having said that, players have had time since then to figure out the Agent’s true potential, and it’s safe to say that she hasn’t impressed most players.

Seeing her low pick rate in casual and professional play, Riot introduced buffs for Deadlock in an update on November 14. Whether these changes are enough to help her bounce back into the meta remains to be seen, but it’s evident that she’s one of the best characters in the game to counter the dive gameplay of Raze, Jett, and more.

21. Astra

Astra using her Ultimate skill in Valorant.Riot Games
Astra can divide the map into two halves with her Ultimate.
  • Pick rate – 1.4%
  • Win rate – 49.6%
  • Agent type – Controller

Brimstone and Omen are much easier to play, which is why Astra has ended up with one of the lowest pick rates in Valorant. You need to be highly skilled to make the most of this Controller and she is mostly picked in higher ranks and professional games.

As more and more players learn Astra’s playstyle, we might see a steady increase in her pick rate as she’s undoubtedly a top-tier agent on certain maps.

19. Neon

Neon surrounded by lightning in Valorant.Riot Games
Neon is the fastest Agent in Valorant.
  • Pick rate – 2.0%
  • Win rate – 48.0%
  • Agent type – Duelist

Duelists are arguably the most popular Agent type in Valorant, but that wasn’t enough to boost Neon’s pick rate which is as low as 2.0%. She’s fast and exciting to play, but unfortunately, this doesn’t win you matches in a team-based game like Valorant.

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18. Yoru

Yoru using a gun in Valorant.Riot Games
Riot Games have frequently buffed and nerfed Yoru.
  • Pick rate – 2.0%
  • Win rate – 47.1%
  • Agent type – Duelist

From teleportation to flashes to cloning, Yoru’s kit in Valorant is as diverse as it gets. However, he’s still one of the least-played Duelists in the game. Despite the constant buffs and adjustments by the developers, Yoru has failed to become a trustworthy replacement for other powerful Duelists such as Jett and Raze.

17. Fade

Fade using her Ultimate skill.Riot Games
Fade can mark enemies with her skills.
  • Pick rate – 2.2%
  • Win rate – 49.1%
  • Agent type – Initiator

Fade is another Valorant Agent who has a low pick rate in the game due to players trusting alternatives like Sova and Skye. Fade can detect enemies, clear corners, and stop opponents from hearing and spotting your team through her Ultimate. She has a decent 49.1% win rate as well, largely due to being extremely effective on certain maps like Lotus.

Having said that, Fade’s pick rate has almost remained the same going from Act 2 to Act 3 of Episode 7 and it’s unlikely this number will increase without significant buffs to the character.

16. KAY/O

KAY/O using his Ultimate skill in Valorant.Riot Games
KAY/O can be revived after dying if his Ultimate skill is active.
  • Pick rate – 2.2%
  • Win rate – 45.9%
  • Agent type – Initiator

KAY/O seems intimidating, but he’s yet to make a name for himself in Valorant. With a meager pick rate which sits at 2.2%, it’s evident that the community doesn’t trust his kit which includes grenades, flashes, and the ability to stop other Agents from using their skills.

15. Breach

Breach poster for ValorantRiot Games
Breach can only flash through structures in Valorant.
  • Pick rate – 2.4%
  • Win rate – 48.6%
  • Agent type – Initiator

Breach is one of the oldest Valorant Agents and this Initiator is used heavily at low ranks. He’s straightforward to master and with his skills, you can flash and stun opponents, clear corners, and literally cause a wave of earthquake.

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Breach’s pick rate isn’t as high because his attacks are easy to escape and the character fails to stand out when used in high-ranked lobbies.

14. Iso

Iso holding a knife in Ascent map in ValorantRiot Games
Riot has added a Duelist in Valorant after almost two years.
  • Pick rate – 2.8%
  • Win rate – 46.6%
  • Agent type – Initiator

Iso is the seventh Duelist, hailing from China, who made his way into Valorant at the start of Episode 7 Act 3. He comes equipped with a utility kit that allows you to create a moving shield, a bolt that makes the opponents vulnerable, and a signature ability that makes him invulnerable to any damage.

However, it’s his Ultimate that generated a lot of hype at the time of his release, allowing you to drag opponents into another dimension for a 1v1. Despite all of this, Iso isn’t as effective as Jett, Reyna, or Raze, and most players are opting to choose the safer picks.

Keep in mind that Iso’s been available in Valorant for only a few weeks, so we can see a change in his pick rate as we move toward the final weeks of Act 3.

13. Gekko

Gekko poster for ValorantRiot Games
Gekko has several companions that help in battle.
  • Pick rate – 2.8%
  • Win rate – 49.4%
  • Agent type – Initiator

Thanks to Sova and Skye again, Gekko could not become the most picked Initiator in Valorant. Despite his Wingman enabling you to plant and defuse the Spike without going to the site, Gekko’s pick rate has dropped from 3.0% in Act 2 to 2.8% in Act 3 of Episode 7.

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Gekko’s win rate also remains the same in the latest Act, making it hard to predict if his popularity will increase when the game sees the launch of Episode 8.

13. Viper

Viper aiming in Valorant.Riot Games
Viper’s lineups have become very popular among players.
  • Pick rate – 3.0%
  • Win rate – 49.4%
  • Agent type – Controller

Viper was once called the weakest Agent in Valorant but after the buffs introduced by Riot Games, she has gradually become a very reliable Controller who works exceptionally well in almost all the maps. While Viper is one of the best Controllers in Valorant, she’s not the easiest to play, which makes her a less popular choice among casual players in the game.

Viper’s pick rate decreased from 3.2% to 3.0% during Episode 7 Act 3 but with more and more players learning her playstyle, the number might increase steadily as time progresses.

12. Phoenix

Phoenix poster for ValorantRiot Games
Phoenix’s fire that deals damage to opponents heals him.
  • Pick rate – 3.4%
  • Win rate – 50.2%
  • Agent type – Duelist

Phoenix is one of the least-played Valorant Agents when it comes to professional play, but being beginner-friendly has helped maintain his pick rate. Like Deadlock, the community seems divided on Phoenix as some consider him very weak while others comfortably dominate games with him.

Another reason why Phoenix has a decent pick rate is his independent playstyle. He can flash, heal himself, and create a wall of fire that helps in escaping opponents. If you’re playing alone and don’t trust random teammates, picking Phoenix is a safe option.

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11. Chamber

Chamber aiming in Valorant.Riot Games
Chamber gets his own Operator gun with the Ultimate skill.
  • Pick rate – 4.1%
  • Win rate – 48.9%
  • Agent type – Sentinel

Chamber is a Sentinel in Valorant, meant to be an alternative pick for Agents like Killjoy and Cypher, however, he comes equipped with abilities that allow him to play more like a Duelist.

While Chamber was once a must-pick Valorant Agent, right after his release, Riot has introduced several nerfs for him. This has resulted in a huge drop in Chamber’s pick rate, going from one of the top picks to sitting somewhere in the middle.

10. Sova

Sova in official Valorant artworkRiot Games
Sova can control a drone with a camera to track and tag opponents.
  • Pick rate – 4.4%
  • Win rate – 49.5%
  • Agent type – Initiator

Sova is a part of the first ten Agents in Valorant who were available since the title’s beta period. He allows you to fly a drone with a camera that can tag enemies, throw a recon dart revealing opponents in an area, and launch shock darts that inflict heavy damage in the target area.

Despite a lack of flashes, like other Initiators, Sova allows you to gather a great deal of info or simply create space that helps your team charge onto an area. This Agent has been one of the most reliable picks in Valorant, both in casual and professional play, and we don’t see his pick rate dropping anytime soon.

9. Brimstone

Brimstone poster for ValorantRiot Games
Brimstone lineups can be used to defend sites.
  • Pick rate – 4.6%
  • Win rate – 50.4%
  • Agent type – Controller

Brimstone is another Valorant Agent who has a high pick rate due to the simple yet effective playstyle. You can summon smokes and boost your teammates’ movement and rate of fire with this character and his Ultimate is a great way to get rid of opponents from a small area.

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Brimstone also has a Molotov ability that supports lineups and this naturally adds to his popularity among players. While Brimstone’s popularity is only second to another Agent when it comes to Controllers, it’s important to note that he boasts the highest win rate in Valorant.

8. Killjoy

Killjoy in Valorant's official art.Riot Games
Killjoy can hold an entire site alone with her skills setup.
  • Pick rate – 4.8%
  • Win rate – 49.9%
  • Agent type – Sentinel

There aren’t a lot of Agents in Valorant who can hold a site like Killjoy which explains her high pick rate. She can collect information without putting herself in danger and also has an easier learning curve.

On top of this, Killjoy has a brilliant Lockdown ability that is tailor made for pushing as well as defusing the spike. However, her pick rate has taken a significant hit after Riot introduced huge buffs for Cypher. Killjoy went from having a 5.4% pick rate in Act 2 to 4.8% in Act 3 of Episode 7 in Valorant.

7. Cypher

Cypher aiming in Valorant.Riot Games
Using his camera, Cypher can track activity in and around an entire site.
  • Pick rate – 4.0%
  • Win rate – 49.3%
  • Agent type – Sentinel

Cypher has been the perfect alternative for Killjoy in Valorant, allowing you to lock down a site or flanks effectively. He has two trap wires, two cage smokes, and a camera that allows you to maintain control over an area with relative ease.

Following the massive buffs in patch 7.09 on October 31, Cypher has shot up in popularity among Valorant players, going from a pick rate of 4.0% in Act 2 to 5.8% in Act 3 of Episode 7. Additionally, his win rate has also increased to 49.9%, as opposed to 49.3% in the previous Act.

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6. Skye

Skye in Valorant's Agent selection screen.Riot Games
Skye’s Ultimate skill can be countered by shooting the trails.
  • Pick rate – 6.1%
  • Win rate – 49.2%
  • Agent type – Initiator

Skye is easily one of the best Initiator Agents in Valorant. You have a ton of control over her flashes and the remaining skills in her kit help in clearing corners and stunning opponents. If this isn’t enough, Skye can also heal the entire team (but not herself), making her an ideal support character.

While Skye excels in certain maps like Split and Bind, she can be used on any map in Valorant, making her one of the most versatile Agents in the game.

5. Raze

Raze in Valorant's Agent selection screen.Riot Games
Raze can boost her mobility by jumping through Satchels.
  • Pick rate – 8.2%
  • Win rate – 49.8%
  • Agent type – Duelist

Raze is an explosive damage-dealing Duelist in Valorant and it’s hard to win 1v1 against this Agent. While the satchels (Blast Packs) boost mobility, the rest of her skills can explode the entire enemy team at once. Her Ultimate is easily one of the strongest in the game, and as a result, she is the fifth most-played Agent in Valorant.

However, after the significant nerfs introduced by Riot for Raze, the Agent is steadily going down in popularity, with her pick rate being 7.0% in Act 3 as compared to 8.2% in the previous Act.

4. Jett

Jett poster for ValorantRiot Games
Jett is one of the most popular Agents among pro and casual players.
  • Pick rate – 8.1%
  • Win rate – 49.7%
  • Agent type – Duelist

Jett being one of the most played Valorant Agents shouldn’t be a surprise at all, as this Duelist has ruled over the game since day one. She is the perfect Duelist who rewards players with high skills and even beginners can take advantage of her fast playstyle that also lets you summon smokes.

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It’s worth noting that Jett’s pick rate had dropped from 10.1% to 7.4% during Episode 7 Act 2. However, it’s seeing an increase in Act 3, with her pick rate sitting comfortably at 8.1%.

3. Sage

Sage holding an ability orb in ValorantRiot Games
Sage is the only agent who can revive allies in Valorant.
  • Pick rate – 8.3%
  • Win rate – 50.1%
  • Agent type – Sentinel

Sage is the perfect defensive Agent in Valorant and her high pick rate suggests that players rely on her regardless of their skill level or rank. She can slow down opponents, set up a wall to block a push and heal allies.

Most importantly, Sage’s Ultimate can revive an ally which is often a game-changing moment. Sage has maintained both her pick and win rates going into the latest Act in Valorant.

2. Omen

Omen poster for ValorantRiot Games
Omen can teleport to anywhere on the map with his Ultimate.
  • Pick rate – 9.3%
  • Win rate – 48.8%
  • Agent type – Controller

Omen is one of the oldest playable Agents in Valorant and to this day, players haven’t found a reliable replacement for him. The Controller specializes in placing smokes throughout the map and he can also teleport with his skills and Ultimate.

To help the team, Omen can blind enemies in mid-range which is extremely effective in stopping pushes. He is the second most-played agent in Valorant as of Episode 7 Act 3 and it is unlikely that we’ll see a decline in Omen’s popularity anytime soon, considering his pick rate has increased from 8.9% to 9.3% in this Act.

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1. Reyna – Most popular Agent in Valorant

Reyna in Valorant's Agent selction screenRiot Games
Reyna’s flashes can be canceled by shooting them.
  • Pick rate – 11.3%
  • Win rate – 50.4%
  • Agent type – Duelist

Reyna is the most popular Agent in Valorant and has a pick rate of 11.3% along with the highest win rate of 50.4% as well. While Reyna might not be the most effective Duelist in Valorant, especially when it comes to professional play, she’s one of the easiest Agents to master.

Her abilities allow you to over-heal, become invincible for a short time, and also throw flashes in the air. Reyna is the perfect pick for players playing solo as you won’t have to rely on anyone else for healing or getting out of tricky positions.

Despite the several nerfs introduced by Riot in the earlier Acts, Reyna has maintained her dominance in Valorant’s matchmaking and is easily the most played Agent in Valorant.

So there you have it! That’s all you need to know about the most popular Agents in Valorant Episode 7 Act 3. For more content on Riot’s biggest FPS, make sure to check out the following:

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