Valorant Agent tier list: Best characters to play in Episode 7 Act 3

Iso, Brimstone and Fade charging towards B site in Haven in ValorantRiot Games

Every Valorant Agent has unique abilities in their kit and mastering them enables you to climb the rank ladder quickly. But practicing the Agents in the latest meta will help you go even further, so here’s our tier list, ranking all Valorant Agents, including Iso, from best to worst in Episode 7 Act 3.

Valorant Episode 7 Act 3 is in full swing and brought the seventh Duelist, Iso into the game. Apart from the new Agent, Riot also introduced Community Challenges and several nerfs for Raze, along with significant buffs for Cypher.

These changes are shifting the meta, and while many in the community stick to picking the most popular Agents in Valorant, it can lower your chances of securing the win. With that in mind, here’s our Valorant Agent tier list, ranking the best characters to play after patch 7.10, with Iso in Episode 7 Act 3.

Valorant Agent tier list: Best Agents in Episode 7 Act 3

Skye, Viper, and Killjoy have been some of the best Agents in Valorant for several Acts, and they’ve maintained their positions in Episode 7 Act 3 as well.

In the table below, we’ve assigned tiers to all the Agents in Valorant after the patch 7.10 update. Do note that our picks in the S tier are the strongest while the D tier characters are the weakest.

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SRaze, Viper, Killjoy, Skye, Cypher
AOmen, Jett, Sova, Fade, Iso
BChamber, Astra, Harbor, Brimstone, Breach, Gekko
CYoru, Neon, Sage, Reyna, KAY/O
DDeadlock, Phoenix

Why is Iso an A-tier Agent in Valorant?

Iso is in the A-tier and one of the best Agents in Valorant due to his potential to provide Initiator-like support to his team as well as Duelist playmaking abilities. While Iso doesn’t have mobility like the dive Agents Jett and Raze, his kit provides him with defensive abilities to stay alive while racking up multiple kills.

Additionally, Iso with the right Agents on the team can help bring out the best in them and vice versa. Reyna, Sova, and Jett are some of the Agents who can utilize Iso’s abilities in the best way possible.

Now that you know Iso’s place in Valorant’s meta, here are all the remaining Agents ranked in the game.

Valorant S-tier Agents


Raze poster for ValorantRiot Games
Raze can deal a great amount of damage with just her abilities.

Raze is undoubtedly one of the best Agents in Valorant, especially when it comes to Duelists. While Raze dominates Valorant’s maps with plenty of choke points like Bind, Split, and Icebox, the Agent has emerged as a strong pick on all the maps.

As a Duelist, Raze features aggressive abilities to quickly take control of an area. She comes equipped with a Boom Bot for gathering info or clearing close corners, and a Paint Shells grenade, that can deal a ton of damage to multiple enemies and also recharges with every two kills.

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However, Raze’s ability to quickly move in the air using her Blast Packs or satchels, allows the Agent to quickly close the gap between her and the enemies while creating an ample amount of space for her team to follow.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to be precise with Raze’s nade after patch 7.09 nerfed its explosion radius damage.


Viper poster for ValorantRiot Games
Viper’s utility kit allows her to be more effective than a regular Controller.

There’s no denying that Viper is the strongest Controller Agent in Valorant’s Episode 7 Act 3. You can use her abilities to deny or cut off access to an area, while also inflicting damage to them if they try to push through.

Viper’s Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen can be used several times throughout a round, based on the toxin left in her fuel gauge. She also has two Snake Bites or molly abilities and an ultimate called the Viper’s Pit, which are excellent for you to deny or delay the Spike from being defused.


Killjoy poster for ValorantRiot Games
Killjoy is a powerful Sentinel in Valorant.

Equipped with her German technology, Killjoy sits at the top in Valorant’s current Sentinels meta. The Agent can hold two entrances at once and can also play aggressively with her team.

While Killjoy received a few nerfs in the previous Episodes, she can still use her Nanoswarm grenades to deny control of an area and her Lockdown Ultimate is one of the most powerful abilities to take control of a bomb site.

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Skye poster for ValorantRiot Games
Skye is an essential pick on certain maps in Valorant.

With Skye’s utility kit allowing you to gather a ton of intel, she has become a must-pick Agent in Valorant’s patch 7.09. Skye’s abilities can take some practice to get used to, however, with time you will find this Agent to be one of the strongest Initiators.

Skye comes with two Guiding Lights or flashes to blind enemies and can also heal her teammates using her Regrowth ability. Additionally, you can also use her Trailerblazer or Seekers Ultimate to gather info and clear areas.


Cypher poster for ValorantRiot Games
Cypher is a solid choice for the Sentinel role in matches.

Part of the pool of Agents at the time of Valorant’s launch, Cypher is a Sentinel that can hold sites on his own. Equipped with Trapwires, Cyber Cages, and a Spycam, Cypher can stop enemies from pushing or flanking.

Following his massive buff in patch 7.09, Cypher is emerging as one of the best Sentinels in Valorant. Agents like Skye and Fade will find it difficult to break Cypher’s traps using their abilities and his traps also re-arm and apply debuffs for a longer period.

Valorant A-tier Agents


Jett poster for ValorantRiot Games
Jett is one of the most picked characters in Valorant.

Despite several nerfs to Jett’s abilities, especially the dash, the Agent dominates Valorant ranked matches. Her unique mobility abilities allow her to quickly charge onto an area or Updraft onto an elevated platform. Besides this, Jett can also use her Cloudburst smokes to quickly cut off vision, albeit for a short period of time.

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So, if you’re looking to make aggressive plays, Jett is one of the best Agents in Valorant to do so.


Sova poster for ValorantRiot Games
Sova has a high skill ceiling but can be picked for almost all maps.

Sova has remained a consistent pick since Valorant’s launch in 2020. This Initiator Agent equips you with a Recon Bolt that scans and reveals enemies in an area. Sova is an incredible pick for players who can put in the time to learn his Recon and Shock Bolt lineups to help provide a ton of info and space for their teammates.


Omen poster for ValorantRiot Games
Omen is one of the easiest Agents to start playing in Valorant.

On his way to the latest Act in Valorant, Omen has received a number of buffs and nerfs. However, Omen is a great Controller choice as his utility kit contains rechargeable smokes, allowing you to use up to 5 smokes in a single round. Additionally, he can use his ultimate to teleport anywhere on the entire map, along with the Paranoia to drastically reduce enemies’ vision for a few seconds.


Fade poster for ValorantRiot Games
Fade has become a popular pick among Valorant players.

While two good maps for Fade, namely Fracture, and Pearl, have been removed from the current map pool in Valorant, this Initiator Agent remains a popular pick. Fade’s Signature Ability Haunt scans and reveals enemies in an area and her Prowler can gather intel, much like a Skye’s Trailerblazer.

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Keep in mind, all of Fade’s abilities apply a debuff to the enemies and her Nightfall Ultimate applies a Terror Trail along with a Deafen and Decay to all the enemies affected.

Valorant B-tier Agents


Chamber poster for ValorantRiot Games
Chamber is a deadly Sentinel in Valorant.

Chamber was the most popular pick and possibly the best Agent in Valorant, in both ranked and professional play, at the time of his release. Since then, Riot has introduced a number of nerfs to the Agent as part of balance changes.

The French Agent is a decent choice for players looking to output more damage as a Sentinel. Chambers come equipped with the ability to teleport, place a Trademark trap to hold off pushes, and a Headhunter heavy pistol, much like a Sheriff. However, Chamber’s most powerful ability is his ultimate, which equips him with a custom Sniper Rifle.


Astra poster for ValorantRiot Games
Astra is one of the best Agents to pick to support your team.

With Astra getting a much-needed buff with patch 7.09, players will now be able to hear everything around her physical body while in the Astral form.

Astra is a complex Agent to play in Valorant, allowing you to stun, pull, and smoke off areas using her Stars. Although, for players looking to put in the time, Astra is an incredible choice that can provide a ton of support to her teammates from any part of the map.

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Brimstone poster for ValorantRiot Games
Brimstone’s smokes block enemies’ vision in the most effective way in Valorant.

Like all Controllers, Brimstone has the ability to smoke, however, his Stim Beacon creates a field that gives his teammates a faster fire rate and a speed boost. Further, Brimstone’s Incendiary and Orbital Strike Ultimate are some of the highest damage-inducing abilities in the game, ideal for holding off enemies from defusing the Spike.

While Brimstone is one of the best Controllers in Valorant, his smokes don’t recharge during a round like an Omen or a Viper. This is one of the primary reasons why Brimstone is in the B-tier of our Valorant Agents list.


Breach poster for ValorantRiot Games
Breach is one of the best Agents to pair with Duelists looking to play aggressively.

Breach is an aggressive Initiator, who can help take control of areas with his flashes and stuns. On top of this, Breach’s Rolling Thunder Ultimate sends a wave of quake which stuns and dazes all players affected by it.

However, keep in mind that all of Breach’s abilities can interact with your teammates as well. It is important to use this Agent’s utility kit with proper communication and awareness of your teammates’ positions.


Harbor poster for ValorantRiot Games
Harbor’s ultimate is one of the best abilities to take control of a bomb site.

Harbor has become a niche pick in Valorant for maps like Haven and Breeze. The Agent comes equipped with abilities that deny line of sight to the enemies while allowing your team to aggress or take control. However, Harbor’s Reckoning Ultimate is one of the biggest AOE abilities in the game, allowing you to swiftly take control of an area.

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Gekko poster for ValorantRiot Games
Gekko is a popular pick in the ranked matches in Valorant.

Valorant’s latest Initiator, Gekko has a unique ability kit that allows you to plant or defuse using Wingman. Additionally, he can blind enemies with Dizzy and damage all enemies standing in his Mosh Pit grenade.

Despite having one of the most interesting sets of abilities, Gekko remains in the B-tier of our Valorant Agents list as enemy players can easily shoot and destroy his abilities.

Valorant C-tier Agents

Reyna poster for ValorantRiot Games
Once a dominant Duelist, Reyna has dwindled in the last few Episodes.

Valorant’s C-tier Agents, namely Yoru, Neon, Sage, Reyna, and KAY/O, are picks that work in certain situations, albeit you need to be good with these Agents’ utility kits to perform well. While some of these Agents have received multiple nerfs, some have been underwhelming ever since their release. It is best to avoid picking these Agents in the current meta, to increase your chances of winning.

Valorant D-tier Agents

Phoenix poster for ValorantRiot Games
Phoenix has never been a popular pick since Valorant’s release.

Deadlock is the fifth Sentinel in Valorant, although remains one of the worst Agents in the game. Players have had a few months to try out the new Agent, but Killjoy and Cypher remain the popular Sentinel picks. On the other hand, despite several buffs for Phoenix, this Agent pales in comparison to the Duelists like Raze and Jett.

So there you have it, our Valorant Agent tier list, ranking every character in the game according to the latest meta. Since Riot introduces balance changes and new Agents on a regular basis, the Agent meta will keep changing in Valorant.

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