Best Agents in Valorant for every map

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Valorant Agents poster with Viper, Chamber, Jett and Sova

If you’re looking for the best Agents in Valorant on every map, here are our picks in Episode 8 Act 2, including the latest Controller Clove, and the best Agents for solo queue.

Valorant‘s latest Agent Clove went live on March 26 with patch 8.05, and they can quickly disrupt the Controller meta, considering their self-revive ability.

In our picks for best Valorant agents on each map below, we’ve considered their abilities shining on a particular map, how their abilities can make others in the team take advantage, and how much space they can create for others in the team.

Best & worst Valorant Agents on each map

Some of the best Agents for every map in Valorant are Viper, Skye, and Cypher. Other Agents like KAY/O, Harbor, and Brimstone can prove to be excellent picks but only on certain maps.

MapBest team compositionWorst Agents to pick
AscentJett, KAY/O, Killjoy, Omen, SovaDeadlock, Phoenix
BindBrimstone, Cypher, Raze, Skye, ViperDeadlock, Neon
BreezeCypher, Harbor, Jett, Skye, ViperGekko, Raze
IceboxRaze, Sage, Cypher, Jett, OmenDeadlock, Phoenix
LotusAstra, Fade, Killjoy, Raze, ViperDeadlock, Neon, Yoru
SplitKilljoy, Omen, Raze, Skye, ViperPhoenix, Sova
SunsetHarbor, Jett, Killjoy, Omen, SkyeDeadlock, KAY/O

Best Valorant Agents for Ascent

Ascent Map loading screen in Valorant
Ascent is a big map in Valorant.

Ascent has a simple layout, like the popular map Dust 2 in CS2, with simple paths to A and B sites and a mid-area that can lead to either of the sites. While picking an Initiator and a Duelist is a must for this map, Sova excels on Ascent due to several wall bang spots.

Additionally, Killjoy can help lock down either of the sites and Omen can smoke from anywhere on the map. You can swap Omen for Viper but do note that if you wish to pick Brimstone on Ascent, it’ll be hard to place your smokes from one side of the map to the other.

Best Valorant Agents for Bind

Bind Map loading screen in Valorant
The teleporters help you quickly move around in Bind.

Bind has an ample amount of chokepoints and a couple of teleporters, that allow damage-dealing abilities like that of Raze to dominate. While Skye and Viper are powerful picks for most maps, if there’s any map where Raze can outshine other Agents, it’s Bind.

If you use Raze’s nade in chokepoints like A-Short, A-Showers, or the Hookah area, it’s bound to inflict heavy damage, possibly leading to multiple kills at once too. Next, Brimstone can smoke most areas of the map easily on Bind and Cypher will help you maintain control of an area or watch the flank with ease.

Best Valorant Agents for Breeze

Breeze Map loading screen in Valorant
Breeze got a rework in a recent update for Valorant.

Breeze received some major changes with the Episode 7 Act 2 update, slightly changing several parts of the map. While Jett can position herself in numerous off angles on the map with ease, Cypher can set up some hard-to-counter trip wires.

Then, Skye will help you clear most of the area around a site you’re rushing, and Viper will enable you to split the sites, making it easier for your team to attack or defend. Finally, Harbor will make the most out of the wide areas on the map, further splitting the sites with his wall and allowing his team to take control with his smoke and tide abilities.

Best Valorant Agents for Icebox

Icebox map in Valorant
Mid and B-site areas in Icebox received major changes in Episode 8 of Valorant.

Raze is without a doubt one of the best Agents to choose on Icebox, with her utility kit particularly shining in the A-site of the map. Sage will also prove to be an impressive pick if you wish to close the mid-tunnel area completely for almost half the round.

Finally, Jett can utilize off angles easily on any part of Icebox, and Agents like Omen and Cypher are always a good pick to provide support or delay an enemy team from rushing.

Best Valorant Agents for Lotus

Lotus Map loading screen in Valorant
Lotus has a breakable window and two revolving doors that help you gain access to the other parts of the map.

Lotus also features three sites in Valorant, and pushing an area to get the early info on the enemies can be great to win on this map. Unlike Haven, there are several chokepoints on the bomb sites in Lotus, making Raze an excellent choice.

Fade is an ideal pick for attacking and defending areas on Lotus, and Astra can provide support in various ways from any part of the massive map. Then, Killjoy and Viper can help you lock down sites, making it tough for your opponents to run through their abilities.

Best Valorant Agents for Split

Split Map loading screen in Valorant
Split has a ground varying in height across the map, making it hard to play Sova.

Split is a fairly compact map with three main chokepoints at A and B site entrances and the mid area. One of the best Agents to pick on Split is Raze, allowing you to dish out heavy damage through the proper use of her abilities.

Skye and Omen are ideal supports on this map, allowing you to smoke off areas and take control with the help of flashes. Finally, Viper and Killjoy will enable you to buy plenty of time for your teammates to rotate to help you while defending.

Best Valorant Agents for Sunset

Sunset Map loading screen in Valorant
Sunset made its way into Valorant with Episode 7 Act 2.

To pick the best Agents on Sunset, you need to have constant smokers like Omen. Additionally, with Skye, you’ll be able to clear most areas on a bomb site and Omen will allow you to smoke and relocate with his ultimate to any part on the map.

Then, Harbor will help you cut off various areas of the map, to defend or to provide cover for your attacking teammates. Finally, Killjoy can hold off multiple entrances to either of the bomb sites.

Who is the best Agent for every map in Valorant?

The best Agent to select on every map in Valorant can be Jett, Omen, Sova, or Viper. All of these characters are either easy to play, or simply provide a lot of support or firepower to the team, across all the maps in the title.

Who is the best solo queue Agent in Valorant?

The best solo queue Agent in Valorant undoubtedly is Reyna. Brimstone and Reyna have the highest win rates among all Agents, according to, however, Reyna is also one of the easiest characters to play.

Reyna excels in solo queue, largely due to her abilities allowing you to escape as well as heal completely. If your aim is on point, you can’t go wrong with this Agent for your solo queue adventures.

Is Clove a good Agent in Valorant?

When it comes to sheer Controller power, Clove pales in comparison to the likes of Omen and Brimstone. This is largely due to Clove’s limited range of providing smokes. On the other hand, Omen can smoke any part from any position, and even a well-positioned Brimstone can smoke most parts on any map.

Then, Clove’s Meddle ability also has a limited range, as it explodes in the air, especially if you’re throwing from a longer range. With time, we’ll have decent lineups for this ability, however, it’s not as simple as throwing a Sage slow orb or Killjoy molly, which doesn’t explode, allowing them to bounce off surfaces.

All in all, Clove’s Ultimate will come in handy in certain situations, but the new Agent isn’t the best pick in Valorant in their current state.

That covers all the best Agents for each map in Valorant. For more on Riot’s biggest shooter, make sure to check out the following:

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