The Finals players slam slow Battle Pass like a “full time job”

Aryan Singh
The Bamboo Brawler skin in The Finals

The Finals features a Battle Pass packed with plenty of rewards on offer. But the grind of leveling it up has left players feeling burnt out, with some even comparing it to a “full time job.”

Embark Studios’ The Finals has gathered plenty of acclaim since its full release, with players heaping praise on the free-to-play shooter. The FPS title has a lot going on for it including the core gameplay loop which many players are finding enjoyable. However, many feel the game is far from flawless.

Players are already calling for nerfs to certain mechanics, and the Season 1 Battle Pass has also attracted criticism. The Battle Pass has a total of 96 levels that players can grind through to unlock some unique cosmetics. They can also earn Multibucks which can be collected to purchase next season’s Battle Pass.

While the core premise is the same as other live service titles, some players have complained about the time required to complete it. The Finals subreddit has already seen multiple posts on the issue, and a recent upload by user ‘1-UP_Media’ has sparked the discussion once again.

The Finals Season 1 skins
The Finals’ Season 1 Battle Pass offers unique cosmetics as rewards

In this case, the OP did the math and stated that “It takes 59 days’ worth of challenges to beat The Finals’ Battle Pass.” They went on to say that “it will take you around 344 daily and weekly challenges to complete the Battle Pass.”They compared the slow progression to games like Halo Infinite and Overwatch 2 which also suffered from the same issue.

It didn’t take long for the post to gain traction as many users chimed in with their takes. One user stated, “Pretty lame battlepass that’s asking too much imho. I like this game but I can’t make it a second job every single day of the week so I can progress and get my money’s worth.”

Another user also vented their frustration saying, “Takes forever to finish. It’s honestly a joke that long-a*s battle passes like this exist when every game has them now. You can’t get 100 if you start late? That’s dumb from a player and business perspective.”

Despite a barrage of criticism, some came to the Battle Pass’ aid and defended it. One user deemed the grind to be fair saying, “Considering you get like over 100 days to complete it I don’t think it’s that unreasonable.” Their opinions were shared by a different user who also reiterated the same point, “Considering you have 3 months to do it I would say that’s reasonable.”

The Finals’ Battle Pass looks to be a controversial topic within the community. It’ll be interesting to see if Embark Studios introduce changes to next season’s pass.

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