The Finals players call for nerfs to “broken” Heavy class ruining matches

Joseph Pascoulis
heavy build in the finals holding a guitar

The Finals features three Contestant builds, Light, Medium, and Heavy, but some feel the tankier Heavy class needs a nerf.

Embark Studio’s free-to-play FPS title, The Finals, is all about teamwork, as every game mode requires a team of three.

In that team of three, you’ll find variations of the game’s Contestant builds: Light, Medium, and Heavy. Each of these offers different loadouts for various playstyles and the right combination can prove effective when cashing out.

Unfortunately, however, some in the community are not too impressed with the Heavy build, calling for it to be nerfed, especially when teams decide to build a squad of three Heavys.

Reddit user ‘MrDoodlebugs’ shared why he has hopped on “the nerf Heavy train,” explaining that “ranked lobbies are full of 3 Heavy lineups running around with canisters with c4 on them.”

The OP explains further, as they said that if the throwables with C4 don’t work, the team of Heavys will just “pull out 3 Rocket Launchers,” and “if you somehow survive that, they drop 3 bubble shields along with their shield walls and force the fight close range.”

The player suggested that Embark Studios “reduce the C4 damage,” and also “greatly [increase] the coverage given by APS turrets,” which is essentially a Trophy System in The Finals. At the moment, they feel they are the main counters to the “C4 and rocket spam,” but their radius is “too small currently to be effective.”

Others in the comments of the post also agrees that the Heavy build is overpowered, as one user said, “Heavy is beyond broken… it’s just the easiest, strongest, and most forgiving role in the game.”

Another player shared a similar sentiment, as they commented, “Couldn’t agree more. The Heavy spam is making ranked unenjoyable. Too many shields, too many bs ways to one shot you, their kit is unbelievably stacked.”

The Finals is still pretty fresh, so it’s likely that many changes will be made to balance things out. Perhaps a nerf to the Heavy build will be seen in a future patch, but until then, check out how you can counter Gas, Fire, and Goo in The Finals.

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