The Finals community reveals simple mistake too many players are making

Lucas Simons
Team Wipeout

Embark Studios’ online shooter, The Finals, is gaining fans each day it passes. Now, its community has shared some mistakes that players often make and are critical to accomplishing a successful team heist.

The Finals is steadily taking over the online cooperative scenario, and while many players are already accustomed to its unique mechanics, some are still missing a critical point that can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Members of the community have shared some insight on the Team Wipeout feature that is important for cooperative play and that some players are still ignoring, which has caused a heavy discussion among The Finals’ players.

Reddit user ‘oALEXtheGREATo’ posted in The Finals subreddit, and it immediately sparked a discussion about players who don’t know about this important mechanic.

The OP explained: “Hey if I’m 5 seconds away from respawn and you’re last alive, please don’t run into a gunfight just to die and reset our spawn timer.” And then asked the community: “Do people not know that dying as the last alive resets your team’s spawn timer? The amount of times this happens to me not only in quick play but actual ranked matches is astounding.”

Many players quickly commented on this by saying: “Had a guy (a light of course) hiding in stealth while the rest of his group were dead instead of either wiping or trying to res us, while we had zero cash.” While another angry player also stated: “Many people don’t even know what kind of game they’re playing.”

And it is true, during The Finals‘ regular Matchups on Quick Cash and Digital Money, people tend to forget about the Team Wipeout mechanic. But as stated by some Reddit users in this post, the tendency reverses on Tournament and Ranked queues, where cooperation significantly improves.

Many players also believe that The Finals subreddit is quite helpful and offers a lot of good advice like the one the OP posted. One of them wrote: “I’ve genuinely learned a few things from this sub.”

So there you have it, the next time you play The Finals, take this advice and be careful of Team Wipeouts. In the meantime, you can learn how to level up your season pass fast or how to do bunny hops in The Finals.

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