The Finals game modes explained: Quick Cash, Bank It & Tournaments

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Wondering how all of The Finals modes work? Here’s everything you need to know about Quick Cash, Bank It, and Tournaments in The Finals.

The Finals is a unique new FPS title from Embark Studios that sees teams of three battling it out for cash in hectic scenes of destruction and teamwork.

You’ll have the option of three different Contestant builds that you’ll need to select based on what best suits you and your team’s playstyle. The game can be very competitive, and it’s not just as simple as getting the most kills or being the last team standing like other popular FPS titles.

In fact, The Finals is host to its own unique game modes which revolve around banking cash. For those who’d like more information on how Quick Cash, Tournaments, and Bank It work in The Finals, here’s everything you need to know.

All game modes in The Finals

The Finals features two overarching game modes:

  • Cashout (Quick Cash & Tournaments)
  • Bank It (Quick Play)

Cashout can be played in Quick Play via “Quick Cash,” and it is also the game mode you play in both casual and ranked Tournaments. Bank It is a faster-paced, less team-orientated mode that you can find in Quick Play.

The Finals characters jumping
The Finals is always played in teams of three, no matter what game mode you choose.

The Finals: Cashout explained

Cashout is The Finals’ main game mode that is played in Quick Cash and Tournaments. The mode sees teams of three facing off to get cash boxes and deposit them in Cashouts. The team who manages to Cashout the most will win.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how a match of Cashout will play:

  1. Teams will spawn and you must fight for a Vault of cash.
  2. The team who manages to get hold of the cash box from the Vault will need to make their way to a Cashout.
  3. Once you deposit cash into a Cashout, a timer will begin, it’s your job to either protect or steal a Cashout to bank money.
  4. The team that earns the most cash will win the game, and in Tournaments, the top two teams will qualify.

The Finals: Quick Cash vs Tournaments

There are a few differences between Quick Cash in Quick Play and Tournaments:

  • In Quick Cash, there are three teams of three, but in Tournaments, there are four teams of three.
  • Quick Cash is a single match, whereas a Tournament is played over 3 rounds (4 in ranked).
  • In Tournaments, if you are wiped as a team, you will lose a percentage of your overall cash, whereas there is no cash loss on team wipes in Quick Cash.
  • There are unlimited respawns in Quick Cash, but in Tournaments, you will have a limited amount of respawn tokens.
  • In the final of a Cashout Tournament, two teams face off and the first team to $20,000 wins the match, much like in Quick Cash.

For a more in-depth look into how ranked works, check out our guide on Ranked Tournaments in The Finals.

The Finals character running.
It’s all about the money in The Finals.

The Finals: Bank It explained

Bank It is a faster game mode that sees four teams of three facing off and fighting to deposit $40,000, which is done by individually collecting coins and depositing them at Cashout banks.

In Bank It, players will hold cash themselves by picking up coins, but once they die, their coins will drop and be available for anyone in the lobby to pick up. You must deposit your coins at Cashout boxes that will appear and disappear across the map, with a timer indicating how long you have to deposit the cash at that particular Cashout box.

The more coins you hold, the bigger the target is on your head, so make sure you survive and your teammates can protect you while you try to deposit.

Well, there you have it, that was everything you need to know about all the game modes available in The Finals. For more, check out:

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