Shroud claims The Finals Shields are “so strong” they can even beat cheaters

Lucas Simons
Mesh Shield The Finals

Popular Streamer Shroud claimed that Mesh Shields in The Finals are one of the most OP mechanics in the game, and they are so broken they can even beat cheaters.

As part of a much more profound analysis of The Finals, former Valorant star Shroud called out to a particular game mechanic that has even helped him cope with the cheaters popping up in Embark Studios’ heist FPS.

On a recent stream titled “The Finals will take over Twitch?” Shroud was talking about the state of the game and what most players experience these days when playing solo or co-op matchmakings, especially in the Ranked Divisions and Tournaments.

Shroud stated that he and his team win “most of the games” using shields AKA Mesh Shield from the Heavy Build, and that in most of the games, they end up winning, even against cheaters. Unless, of course, they use the “through shield cheat,” an illegal third-party software that allows projectiles to go through defenses and even walls.

Regarding the Mesh Shield’s ability to stop even cheaters, Shroud said: “If that doesn’t say there’s a problem with shields in this game, then I don’t know what does.” And he might be spot on. Since the beginning of Early Access, The Finals had quite a lot of issues with game balance.

Now that the first season of the game has been rolled out, Embark Studios will need to work harder on some highly requested gameplay changes. One of the players commenting on Shroud’s stream had this to say about The Finals: “Game is amazing, just needs a lot of balance changes.”

Besides the constant problem of the cheaters trying to break the game, some of The Finals players have also noticed some issues with Ranked Matchmaking that end up driving them to a corner. Either they leave the matches and risk a ban, or stay and lose points since the matchmaking ends up placing them with nonexistent teams.

In the case that Embark Studios addresses all these issues soon, we will let you know. In the meantime, you can check what’s the best weapon for you or, if you are looking to tune up your game with a good build, this Light Setup might be useful for you.

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