The Finals player learns nowhere’s safe to hide thanks to impressive destruction mechanic

Aryan Singh
The Finals combat gameplay

Destructibility is one of The Finals’ premier features, and players continue to discover just how deep the system is even if it comes at their own expense.

Embark Studios’ The Finals was an instant hit when it unexpectedly landed on all platforms during The Game Awards 2023. The team-based FPS title has skyrocketed in popularity and gathered a sizable player base in a brief amount of time.

The core experience revolves around dropping into arenas with incredible verticality and securing bundles of cash before enemy teams. In terms of playstyles, the game provides plenty of flexibility through varied classes, diverse weapons, nifty gadgets, and more.

All this makes for an FPS that is fast-paced and chaotic in all the right ways. An average game of The Finals can see you leap from collapsing buildings while fending off enemies, to camping around a cashout station and protecting it with everything you can muster.

Aerial strike on a building in The Finals
Buildings can be destroyed easily in The Finals.

The general experience gains another dimension through the remarkable destructibility of buildings and structures. Almost everything within The Finals‘ map can be blown up into pieces, and you can even destroy individual floors of towering skyscrapers. Using explosives on structures is a quick way to reduce them to rubble or you can also try chipping away at them using bullets.

Clips showing off the game’s ridiculous destruction can be found all over the internet, including this Reddit post that provides a great look at the depth of this system. Uploaded by user ‘Rytoxz’, it starts with the OP zipping up to the top of a crane. Unfortunately for them, the crane capsizes dramatically within seconds as enemies throw plenty of firepower at it.

With no escape routes in sight, the player succumbed to their death, but they certainly learned a lesson in the process. Some users in the comments were also surprised to learn that cranes could be destroyed, while others shared valuable bits of information.

One player even revealed instructions to rotate the crane manually, “Take the zip and the next ladder up and there will be a little control booth with directional arrows you can play around with. You can move the crane around to help your team go to a certain building and use the demo ball to destroy parts of the map.”

The crane being entirely destructible is an excellent showcase for the game’s primary mechanic, and as many users reiterated in the comments section, “You can destroy almost everything.”

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