Bethesda reveal long-awaited Elder Scrolls 6 update

Stephanie Zucarelli
The Elder Scrolls VI announcementBethesda

Bethesda’s Pete Hines talked about the future of the company leading up to the release of Starfield and has confirmed something that every Elder Scrolls fan has been waiting for since 2018. Here’s what you need to know about the latest Elder Scrolls 6 update.

With Starfield‘s release closing in, gamers have their eyes set on Bethesda. The company responsible for huge RPGs such as Fallout have confirmed its plans for the future. The current VP, Pete Hines, has gone so far as to reveal new details about The Elder Scrolls 6.

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In an interview with the Spanish website Vandal, Hines focused on describing what players should expect from Starfield’s main campaign, cross-platform support, and early gameplay. When asked about Bethesda’s plans for its next productions, he confirmed that they had a small amount of people working on The Elder Scrolls 6.

This is the first official occasion that Bethesda have discussed the state of Elder Scrolls 6’s development, which had been in pre-production ever since it was announced at E3 2018. “It’s in development, but it’s in early development,” Hines confirmed, emphasizing the word “early.”

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Skyrim official concept artBethesda
The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim was released almost 12 years ago.

Players who’ve been waiting for Elder Scrolls 6 received the bittersweet news, as Bethesda confirmed that most of its studios are dedicated to Starfield and its upcoming DLC. “17 years passed between Arena and Skyrim. Way things are shaping up, 17 years will pass between Skyrim and TES 6,” commented a Reddit user named Inter-explore.

“Starfield is still our priority,” confirms Bethesda VP

Bethesda confirmed that while fans are expecting more news about The Elder Scrolls 6, it’s unlikely that there will be any other official updates soon. “Yes, we have people working in The Elder Scrolls 6,” explained Hines, “but this [Starfield] is what we’re focusing on, and it’s going to be our priority for some time before we talk about anything else.”

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The Elder Scrolls 6’s official announcement occurred in 2018 when Bethesda revealed Fallout 76’s gameplay and a teaser for Starfield. Even if more than five years have passed, the company still haven’t confirmed its release window.

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