What does Suit Protection Depleted mean in Starfield? How to fix

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Starfield character in spacesuitBethesda

Space exploration in Starfield is fun but it is also full of dangers and the spacesuit is your first line of defense. So, if you’re getting the Suit Protection Depleted message in Starfield, here’s the meaning of the prompt and how you can fix it.

Apart from your ship, your spacesuit is the most important piece of equipment for exploring the vast galaxy in Starfield. However, the open space has a plethora of strange and dangerous entities, that can inflict a lot of damage.

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To ensure your survival during your space explorations and battles, it’s important to maintain your spacesuit. Starfield alerts players when they’ve taken too much damage and the spacesuit is no longer shielding them.

With that said, here’s everything to know about the Suit Protection Depleted message in Starfield and how to stop the alert by fixing your suit.

Starfield Suit Protection Depleted explained

starfield character in spacesuitBethesda
Your spacesuit offers protection on hostile planets.

Simply put, Suit Protection Depleted in Starfield means that your spacesuit has taken too much damage, either from enemies or the environment. Once this message appears, the suit is longer shielding, so you will take far more damage from incoming shots than usual.

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It also means that the conditions on a planet might start to hit you with Afflictions that cause negative status effects, such as frostbite or radiation poisoning. These can have serious impacts on your character, from limiting your ability to sprint to draining your health.

How to fix Suit Protection Depleted in Starfield

If you’re wandering around a planet in Starfield and your Suit Protection fails, you can fix it by finding shelter or returning to the ship and waiting for it to recharge. While in any settlement or oxygenated area, the Suit Protection will repair itself ready for the next mission.

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Starfield Suit Protection stats

There are seven different Suit Protection stats in Starfied, with each of these affecting how resistant your armor is to different elements. Some suits offer a nice mix of different resistance, while others specialize in certain areas.

Here’s all of the Suit Protection stats in Starfield that you need to consider:

PHYSDamage from regular bullets and melee weapons
ENGEnvironments with high radiation, for example, planets close to a star
EMElectromagnetic weapons like the Novablast Disrupter
ThermalEnvironments with high temperatures
AirborneToxic gas and poisons that harm your character’s lungs
CorrosiveNatural events that could chip away at your armor, such as sandstorms
RadiationEnvironments with high radiation, for example planets close to a star

Using these stats, you can decide which of your Starfield suits is the best for your next mission. Of course, you can also improve these stats by upgrading or finding a rarer suit.

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