Starfield players completely fed up as Skyrim & Fallout problem gets worse

Aryan Singh
Ship in Starfield

Starfield is undoubtedly a return to form for Bethesda. However, the game still features a number of problems associated with their previous games. One such problem has even caused frustration among players online.

Starfield has largely been considered a success for Xbox and Bethesda. With a plethora of content on offer, including tons of quests, explorable planets, customizable ships, and more, gamers have plenty to get lost in.

Since its release, players have been busy creating incredible ships and characters. However, the game’s reception has not been without complaints.

Starfield’s UI and lack of city maps have both led to criticism. Fans also seem to be disappointed by the economy system in the game. This frustration has been pointed out by Reddit user ‘lordmainstream,’ as Starfield’s vendors carry a measly amount of credits which makes selling items a complicated affair.

Most vendors in the game usually have a few thousand credits on hand. Due to this, players either have to go to a different vendor, or wait 48 in-game hours to sell their items. Prior Bethesda titles, including Skyrim and Fallout 4, also suffered from this problem.

This comment from a user sums it all up, “Ah the same issue as Skyrim. When you start out you get shafted for prices on what should be valuable loot. When you get higher speech skills you’re basically robbing the vendors of everything they own to sell a greatsword.”

The economy problem also extends to the value of items such as armor, weapons, and ships. While purchasing a brand-new ship costs a fortune in Starfield, reselling it will only net you a small fraction of the cost. The same can be said about selling weapons and armor.

Starfield ship
Ships in Starfield have low resale value.

Contraband items also suffer from the same fate. Their entire premise is intended to revolve around a risk and reward system. Unfortunately, there is very little in terms of reward for going through the hassle of smuggling contraband.

All this and more have caused frustration within the community, and fans have been calling for the devs to make alterations. It remains to be seen if any fixes arrive in future updates.

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