Starfield player shows how to build UNSC Pelican from Halo

Aryan Singh
Master Chief and the UNSC Pelican from Halo

Starfield offers a variety of tools and mechanics to play around with, chief among them being the game’s shipbuilder. The community has wasted no time in coming up with some fantastic creations in Starfield, with one player building the iconic UNSC Pelican from Halo.

Starfield, Bethesda’s latest RPG, is ripe with things to discover and enemies to dispatch. The game features more than 1,000 explorable planets, fleshed-out skill trees, secret locations, and much more. It also adds a neat spin to the BGS formula by introducing operational spaceships.

The sci-fi title has dozens of ships, all available for players to acquire. These vessels are used for space combat and they also house all the companions players choose to bring along. Players can even customize their ships by moving around individual parts and adding new modules in the ship builder.

Using this flexible tool, the gaming community has recreated some of pop culture’s most memorable spaceships. An X-Wing, the Millennium Falcon, and more have already been created in Starfield, and now, a Reddit user has successfully built the Pelican from Halo in the game.

Starfield player creates Halo Pelican with ship builder

Reddit user ‘SteamingHotDataDump’ shared images of their Pelican in Starfield. They also added a 16-step guide, detailing all the parts required to recreate the UNSC vessel. The final result is a near-identical recreation of Halo’s Pelican, even the green color palette lines up almost perfectly.

The creativity on display attracted plenty of praise from redditors. One user said “Best one I’ve seen yet. Props to the instructions!” Another commented “Awesome job!” The post was an instant hit, and it quickly garnered thousands of upvotes. If you’re interested in building a Pelican for yourself, it’s worth checking out the step-by-step instructions.

Expect more such creations as players around the world continue to dive into Starfield. Here’s to hoping that someone’s working on a Master Chief build.

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