Starfield players claim “basic” bounty hunter missions were better in Fallout 3

Souhardya Choudhury
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Starfield offers a wide range of activities and jobs for the players and bounty hunting is one of them. However, some players are really disappointed with how it actually works in the game.

Although Starfield has received some mixed feedback recently, many players consider it to be one of the best RPGs of 2023. However, even after being crowned as the best Bethesda launch of all time, players are still having several grievances with it.

Starfield received several comments from players who did not like its quests or exploration. However, some of them are also targeting in-game activities such as bounty hunting as they feel the devs should have paid more attention to it.

Reddit user ‘StranglePants’ was quite vocal about the bounty-hunting missions as its lack of immersion was quite disappointing for the player. They said that they chose the Bounty Hunter background because it sounded “ton of fun,” however, were left wanting more.

The OP explained their point by saying that the bounty hunting in Starfield was all but “hitman work” which was not something they expected from a bounty hunter. They also claimed that the activity lacked immersion compared to games like Red Dead Redemption 2, where you caught your target “Dead or Alive” and collected the bounties on their heads.

Starfield’s bounty-hunting missions involve killing a specific target and the reward “magically appears in your account” according to the OP. Others compared it with one of Bethesda’s own games by saying: “They let you capture people alive and forcibly send them where you want in Fallout 3, 15 years ago.”

However, it seemed like a large portion of the player base left it up to the modders to fix the issue. “I’ll be back when there’s mods,” said one of the players.

With a new DLC already in the works for Starfield, many would be interested to observe how Bethesda tackles all the negative feedback about its in-game activities. For now, players can only hope for a patch addressing the immediate issues in the game.

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