Starfield players fed up with “broken” quests months after launch

Souhardya Choudhury
Starfield alien on Akila

Starfield is reportedly still not fixed even several months after launch as players complain about broken and bugged quests in the game. With several patches already deployed since September, many are wondering when this will be fixed.

Starfield is one of the biggest releases of 2023 as Bethesda’s newest universe is regarded as one of the best RPG titles of the year. With thousands of planets and new locations to explore in the game, many consider exploration to be the biggest selling point of the title.

Although Starfield has been recently awarded the Xbox Game of the Year, many players are seemingly upset with the game. Many have complained about the lack of fixes to several quests even months after its release.

Redditor ‘Kaibaer’ shared their progress in the game and mentioned how there were a “dozen quests locked due to bugs.” People also shared their own experiences with bugs and broken quests in the game under the OP’s post.

Another player shared how they were not introduced by Mei Devine in the Red Mile due to some bugs that put a halt to their progress. Another player said that they had the same problem and had to “use console commands to set the quest state to fix it.”

Players were also surprised to see the Neon ship services technician “swimming in the water off of the platform about 1k meters out” as many of them did not even see him ‘in even 3 play-throughs’ in Starfield.

Some players also complained about the Ryujin Industries questline, as they cannot progress through an area “because a platform was supposed to spawn” but did not for them. Some people were also confused that even the last quest involving Unity is “broken” for them too.

Although Starfield has been out since September, many quests are still reportedly bugged in the game. Bethesda have confirmed that they have plans to introduce several patches involving bug fixes in the future, so the situation should improve in the coming months.

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