Starfield players resort to mods to fix “trash” UI

Joseph Pascoulis
starfield character with space helmet on

Starfield players have been less than impressed with the game’s UI, with some even calling it “trash” while others resort to modes to fix the menus.

It’s no surprise to see Bethesda’s Starfield becoming the development studio’s most successful game launch, as the title has so much content to offer players, from a sprawling galaxy with over a thousand planets to explore to an intriguing story with a mystery that will leave you wanting to play more.

That said, all of this content hasn’t stopped players from adding mods to Starfield, not only to live out the community’s dreams of playing a Star Wars RPG by adding Storm Troopers to the game but also practical mods that improve the player experience.

With that in mind, Starfield players have been sharing their opinions about the game’s UI, with one user on Reddit going as far as to call the UI “trash,” while another called it “shockingly bad.”

Some players dislike the UI so much that they’re even resorting to mods to improve the inventory menu.

This mod is called StarUI, and according to the OP, this is the inventory menu they feel the players “deserve but Bethesda didn’t want to bother with.”

The UI mod makes the weapon tiles more compact which allows for more information on the screen at one time. Some players clearly enjoy this style of UI over the default, as one comment said “StarUI FTW,” while another read “StarUI is great.”

This style of UI means that players don’t have to equip weapons to compare them, which one user in the comment section said they find “annoying.”

Having all of the stats for the items on one page saves players the effort of having to scroll through them all and sort them.

Unfortunately, players feel that “UI has never been a strong suit of Bethesda,” but luckily the modding community is here to help fix and add things to improve your personal experience with Starfield, whether that’s something fun or practical such as StarUI.

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