Starfield player honors the Dark Knight with “Batman 2033” ship build guide

Lucas Simons
Starfield Batman Ship

Starfield gives players the option to build their ships from scratch, and one fan of the Dark Knight has created a “Batman 2033” inspired build. Starfield fans agree that the result looks incredible, and the creator has even offered a build guide.

Starfield gives its players a lot of freedom when it comes to customization. You can build your own dream home on the planet of your choice, your own character with a background and traits, and even craft your own ship.

Players have wasted no time in using the customization options to make some incredibly cool pop culture references. Now, one Batman fan built a ship that could be considered the pride of Gotham City.

Reddit user bmikey has showcased the results of his Starfield spacecraft tinkering and also shared with the community a guide for crafting this Batman-themed ship.

The results, as you can see, have left more than one fan of the Dark Knight wishing to follow in the OP’s steps. One of the members of the community wrote: “As a huge Batman fan, I approve. And I request a build guide!”

Eager to please, Reddit user bmikey soon shared the crafting guide on their profile. The OP did warn players in an FAQ in the comments of the post that it was extremely costly, and that they had “cheated” to get the Credits needed, so if you’re taking on this project, keep that in mind.

Even though some Starfield players aren’t huge Batman fans, they still took the time to heap praise on the unique design. One of them wrote: “I don’t even like Batman and I heavily approve of this masterpiece.”

Starfield has an integrated Ship Building system that lets you build ships piece by piece, but it’s not easy to understand at first.

If you are thinking of building a Batman-inspired ship, you can check out our guide on ship customization, and if you don’t want to start from scratch, here’s a list of recommended ships for you to modify.

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