Starfield players build “amazing” Millennium Falcon & X-Wing from Star Wars

Nathan Warby
Millenium Flacon fighting ship in Star Wars

Starfield’s ship creator gives players the freedom to design and build their own shuttle from scratch, and the community has wasted no time in letting their imagination run wild. Two creative fans have already managed to create replicas of the Millennium Falcon and an X-Wing from Star Wars.

Starfield is easily Bethesda’s biggest game to date, giving fans the freedom to explore the galaxy. On top of the main story, there are plenty of side missions to complete, weapons to unlock, and secrets to find that will keep you occupied for hours on end.

One of the most popular features found in the game is the ship creator, which lets players craft and customize their own ships to travel between planets in style. The system offers plenty of options, as each individual section of the ship can altered.

As you can imagine, the community has been pushing the tool to its limit and has already built iconic ships from another huge sci-fi universe: Star Wars.

Starfield players create Star Wars Millennium Falcon with ship creator

Reddit user ‘krunstep’ shared a number of screenshots revealing that they had spent hours building Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon. The OP explained that they had to use parts that were only available on specific planets, so they had to constantly travel to new worlds with a “half-finished” ship to complete the build.

While the limitations of the creator mean it’s virtually impossible to make an exact replica of the legendary Falcon, as the interior will always be Starfield’s own, many fans were impressed with how close the player had gotten.

“This is the best one I have seen so far, wow,” said one reply, while another added: “That’s not an attempt. That’s a success! Nicely done!”

Starfield player reveals how to build X-Wing from Star Wars

Elsewhere on Reddit, Starfield player ‘fudgiebrown’ shared an impressive recreation of an X-Wing, one of the starfighters well known for their role in the Rebel Alliance’s battle against the Empire. The OP explained that the build was incredibly time-consuming but not as pricey as expected, as it cost “50,000 – 60,000 credits and most of my sanity.”

The player also put together a tutorial video, so other Starfield fans can build their very own Red Five to fly across the galaxy. Check it out below:

After seeing both of these “amazing” creations other players called for the devs to add a blueprint system to Starfield, which would allow them to share their builds with other players in-game instead of resorting to YouTube videos or Reddit posts.

As more and more Starfield players begin experimenting with the ship creator and as modders get their hands on the game, only time will tell which other iconic vehicles will be brought to life.

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