Starfield players want Diablo 4 feature to fix “terrible” armor customization

Souhardya Choudhury
Starfield character and Vasco on a cliff

Starfield players have been calling for more customization options in the game and some of them want a Diablo 4 feature to be added to help solve the issue.

With so much content loaded into Starfield, it quickly became widely acclaimed as one of the best AAA gamess of 2023 at launch. As its popularity picked up pace, it shattered all Bethesda records when it first arrived. However, it has been a rollercoaster ride for the title since then.

Starfield players are always providing feedback to the devs, and although there have been a few patches deployed since launch to address various shortcomings in the RPG, players are still not satisfied with many features

One of them is cosmetic customization, as Reddit user ‘Azuresoul2002’ posted calling for a “transmog” system in Starfield, similar to the one found in Diablo 4.

“There are so many cool-looking suits, helmets, and packs,” felt the OP as they suggested a transmog system in Starfield. They also mentioned how many items often have “great skills but look terrible.” This is why a transmog menu would be necessary for the game, according to the OP.

With a transmog system, you would be able to change the look and style of any piece of gear. For example, an unattractive armor set with great skills can be made to look like a different armor set of your choice while retaining the exact same skills from the previous one. Transmog has become a popular feature in many RPGs, including Diablo 4 and Hogwarts Legacy from 2023.

Many players agreed with the OP as they felt that applying this system in Starfield “would be great.” Others felt that every game should have “cosmetic freedom” and devs should “let players look how they want to look without compromising gameplay.”

Some of the players who liked roleplaying also suggested that they would use transmog “to wear NASA type of space suits” without settling for mediocre stats. Bethesda are yet to address this, but players are clearly keen for a transmog feature to be added to the game sooner or later.

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