Stormtroopers invade Starfield as Star Wars mod scene takes flight

Joseph Pascoulis
stormtrooper in starfield

It was only a matter of time before Starfield players began adding Star Wars mods into the game, as the Stormtroopers have officially invaded.

Bethesda’s Starfield has taken the gaming world by storm with its incomparable size and customization that allows players to create their own character and take to the skies in their custom ships to uncover the mysteries of the universe.

There’s an unholy amount to do in Starfield, whether you’d like to set yourself up with a base on a remote planet or become a space pirate. The possibilities and storylines are endless, but of course, being a space game, it’s hard not to relate the title to Star Wars, which is arguably the most popular space franchise out there.

After figuring out how to make the Millennium Falcon and other Star Wars spaceships in the ship builder, players have decided it’s time for Star Wars mods.

One Star Wars mod has turned UC Security into Stormtroopers, making UC-controlled cities feel more like the Galactic Empire.

On the mod page on Nexusmods, the creator, kboykboy states that they plan to add more in the future. One of the future additions will be turning the Freestar Collective into Rebels, so then it will really feel like a Star Wars universe.

The modder also wants to “replace multiple weapons with Star Wars versions,” further turning Starfield’s world into something out of the movies.

Players clearly love these sorts of mods, especially those who are fans of Star Wars, as one comment under the post said “hopefully a full star wars mod is added. Prefab star destroyer ships, executors, rebel ships, lightsabers for melee and all the blaster variation. A rare Darth Vader suit as well. And star wars buildings as POIs.”

Sooner or later, more Star Wars mods will be added, and you will get to play out your Star Wars fantasies in Starfield, fighting alongside the Rebels against the Empire with galactic weaponry.

As the game already has Force-like powers, perhaps you’ll even be able to assume the role of a Jedi, pushing enemies back with the Gravity Wave power and slicing them in half with a Lightsaber melee weapon.

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