How to wait in Starfield: Skip time of day

Joseph Pascoulis
starfield sunrise on a planet

Wondering how to skip time in Starfield? Here’s everything you need to know about changing the time of the day in Bethesda’s galactic RPG.

Starfield‘s exciting campaign takes players across the galaxy, meeting various interesting NPCs, some of which can even be romanced.

During the course of your playthrough, you may find objectives that require a certain time of the day. While you may have some errands to run and perhaps some side missions to complete, others would prefer to pass the time quicker by using the wait mechanic.

Waiting in Starfield is an effective method for skipping time to complete objectives, so here’s how to do it.

Starfield character standing on a planet
Starfield’s world also features a day and night cycle.

How to skip time & wait in Starfield

To wait and skip time in Starfield, simply find a piece of furniture that allows you to sit, then press the “Wait” button once the prompt pops up after sitting or lying down. This could be a chair, sofa, or bed, and once you sit and wait, you will then be allowed to select how much time you would like to skip.

There are two measures of time in the game: Universal time and local time. These times are different in-game, so make sure you skip to the time needed for your objective. The best way to avoid any issue with timing is by waiting on the planet that your objective is on, as this will cut out some confusion.

Well, there you have it, whether you’re trying to get the perfect sunrise screenshot on one of the game’s many planets or skip time for a mission, that’s how you can wait in Starfield.

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