Starfield devs confirm upcoming changes: FOV slider, DLSS, eat button for food, more

Rajarshi Acharya
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Bethesda have confirmed that Starfield will receive much-needed QOL features via regular updates, including an FOV slider, NVIDIA DLSS, an eat button for food, and more.

Bethesda have recently made an important post related to Starfield on X, the platform formerly called Twitter. The developers begin by thanking players for their positive reception of the game before announcing that they have taken player feedback into consideration.

Right now, they seem to be focused on squashing bugs, improving performance, and delivering the most highly requested features. According to Bethesda, Starfield is going to get continued support for “years and years to come.”

So, while not all improvements are arriving right now, they’ve assured fans that future updates will address all major fan concerns.

Starfield to add FOV slider, DLSS, HDR Calibration & more in future updates

Here are the features that Starfield will be getting in subsequent future updates:

  • Brightness and Contrast controls
  • HDR Calibration Menu
  • FOV Slider
  • Nvidia DLSS Support (PC)
  • 32:9 Ultrawide Monitor Support (PC)
  • Eat button for food

Features like Brightness and Contrast controls, HDR Calibration Menu, and Ultrawide Monitor Support are found in most modern titles, but Starfield didn’t launch with any of these. Despite the game’s generally positive reception, almost all players agreed that the lack of these features was a major oversight.

Starfield doesn’t come with an FOV slider, and the lack of this common feature had many players complaining. As of now, PC players have either been resorting to manually changing the FOV settings by tweaking the INI files or installing a mod that adds an in-game FOV changer. Xbox players, however, are stuck with the default FOV.

Meanwhile, DLSS support will undoubtedly improve performance and address many users’ FPS concerns. Starfield was launched in partnership with AMD and FSR 2 (FidelityFX Super Resolution) was intended to be enabled by default. However, many players prefer DLSS because of its increased performance and more detailed images.

The Starfield updates will also improve performance on all graphics card chipsets, whether it’s Intel, AMD, or NVIDIA. Bethesda are also planning to add built-in mod support to the game, much like Skyrim and Fallout 4, in early 2024. They’ve also promised to include even more quality-of-life features in the future, like city maps.

Fans responded quite positively to the announcement on X, congratulating the successful launch of Starfield. Many have already started recommending more features for the future, like hoverbikes and hoverboards, staircases and elevators for ships, and more.

While waiting for the Starfield updates, learn how you can manually add DLSS or an FOV slider through mods.

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