Can you change FOV in Fortnite?

Joseph Pascoulis
Fortnite character aiming down sights

In shooter games such as Fortnite, players often want to gain every advantage possible, and that includes their field of view. So, with that said, can you change your FOV in Fortnite?

There’s a huge abundance of things to do on Fortnite, from the classic battle royale to the many user-created modes. Of course, the most popular is the standard battle royale, as it provides the last-man-standing experience players have grown to know and love.

Whether you prefer to play the classic battle royale or Zero Build, you’ll want to optimize your settings and have the most comfortable binds and controller settings you can have to elevate your performance and experience.

One setting that can often can provide a boost in experience and performance in many shooters such as Call of Duty, and Apex Legends, is your field of view, otherwise known as FOV, but can you change it in Fortnite?

Does Fortnite have an FOV slider?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your FOV value in Fortnite, as Epic Games have decided to keep everyone locked to the same scale. The default FOV is 80, and this is the same value for everyone in Fortnite, no matter which platform you play on.

This is to keep the competitive integrity of the game, while also retaining the game’s visual fidelity, as wider FOVs can often cause visual distortion and performance issues.

fortnite key art
Fortnite does not feature an FOV slider in the settings.

Fortnite is a third-person shooter, so FOV is not as vital as it is in first-person shooters, mainly because your field of view is naturally wider thanks to the third-person camera.

Unfortunately, Epic Games are unlikely to ever introduce an FOV slider setting for Fortnite, but if anything does change, we’ll be sure to update you here.

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