How to change FOV in CS2

Souhardya Choudhury
Counter-Strike 2 FOV

CS2, like most FPS titles, allows you to adjust your FOV or Field of View settings. Having an optimal FOV will allow you to gather intel on your enemies, so here’s how you can change your FOV in Counter-Strike 2.

CS2 features plenty of changes when compared to its predecessor, CS:GO, largely due to the Source 2 engine upgrade. These improvements include several map overhauls, and visual upgrades, alongside the introduction of Premier mode in the franchise.

However, the core gameplay has remained the same, and in both the ranked modes, you’ll need to play defuse maps in a 5v5 setting. So, getting your FOV settings in place is a must, for ensuring enemies don’t sneak past your screen.

That said, here’s how to change your FOV in CS2, using the in-game settings as well as console commands.

How to change FOV in CS2

To change your FOV in CS2, head over to the game’s settings in the menu and click on the magnifying glass icon. This will enable you to search for various options in the game. Simply type in “Viewmodel Position” to get to the desired setting.

Here you can choose any of these three presets:

  • Desktop: This is the default setting that increases the distance of the tip of your weapon from you.
  • Classic: This preset will have your weapon moved to the corner of the screen making a considerable amount of empty space on the screen.
  • Couch: This preset will lift your weapon higher up and push it more to the center of the screen. This opens up a bit of space on both sides of the weapon.
Counter-Strike 2 FOV
You can use the FOV presets available in the game.

How to change FOV in CS2 with console commands

Although there are the Viewmodel settings currently available in the game, they do not offer much variety and precision compared to using console commands in CS2.

To precisely change FOV using console commands in Counter-Strike 2, follow these steps:

  1. Open the console by pressing the “~” key on your keyboard.
  2. Type in “viewmodel_fov X” and replace X with any value ranging from 54-68.
  3. Press Enter.

You can play with these numbers until you find the ideal FOV you are looking for in CS2 to help you hit your peak performance.

CS2: Why is the FOV setting important?

CS2 features several weapons, with each one of them coming in unique shapes and sizes. Many of these weapons can block your vision while playing, often leading to disadvantages when heading into fights or peeking an angle.

Tweaking your FOV can help with weapon positioning which is extremely important and can make or break a successful encounter in CS2. While how you tweak the FOV setting depends on you, we recommend playing around with it to get anything better than the default placement of your weapons.

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