Pokemon players can’t believe they missed “shocking” Blacephalon detail

Niladri Sarkar
ultra beast blacephalon in the pokemon anime

Blacephalon is one of the strangest Ultra Beasts but Pokemon fans have found something even weirder about it, something they literally failed to see all these years.

Ultra Beasts (UBs) are undoubtedly some of the weirdest additions to the Pokemon franchise, but none are as creepy as the Fire/Ghost-type Blacephalon, whose design is based on a clown that can blow off its head into fireworks!

Since making its debut in Pokemon Go, it has come to the attention of every player and now, they have found a startling fact about Blacephalon that has taken everyone by surprise – it has eyes!

This was discovered by user ‘Ben_Faulstick’ on the X app, who wrote, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN BLACEPHALON HAS EYES” while posting the Pokemon’s image clearly showing its eyes on the side of its head.

The OP added that they’ve grown to love Blacephalon, even calling the UB a “cutie.” Fans couldn’t help but agree with the OP, admitting that the revelation was “pretty shocking” but also gushing that they like it more than ever.

A user commented: “This changes everything. I was a Blacephalon hater 10 seconds ago. Blacephalon is cool now I like it,” as more stated that their entire perception about it changed after learning this new piece of information.

You should know that Ultra Beasts are basically the aliens of the Pokemon world since they have extra-terrestrial origins and are invasive species on Earth, forming the crux of the Pokemon Sun and Moon games.

Also, after Blacephalon, Stakataka, and Naganadel made their highly anticipated Pokemon Go debut in May 2024, several trainers previously unacquainted with these Ultra Beasts were creeped out on seeing their designs.

To catch Blacephalon in Scarlet and Violet, you need to play the Indigo Disk DLC while in Pokemon Go, it’s available in 5-Star Raids until June 1, 2024, in the Western Hemisphere, but can be traded from friends in case you miss it.

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