Scizor weaknesses, resistances & strengths explained in Pokemon

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scizor in pokemon scarlet and violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players can have a competitive edge in battles with the powerful Scizor on their side, so here’s all you need to know about its weaknesses, resistances, strengths, and best moves to use.

Certain Pokemon can turn even the most unfavorable battles to your advantage. Scizor is one such species that can rival even the fearsome Paradox Pokemon and Legendaries in Scarlet and Violet.

So if you want to ace Pokemon battles with Scizor, here are the details on its weaknesses, resistances, strengths, and recommended moves.

Scizor weaknesses explained in Pokemon

Scizor is only weak to Fire-type attacks in Pokemon.

That said, you should keep in mind that it is 4x weak to Fire-type moves. A common strategy to counter this glaring weakness is to turn Scizor into Water Tera Type, and have a teammate set up Rain on the battlefield to weaken any Fire-type attacks.

Scizor resistances explained in Pokemon

Scizor resists Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Grass, Ice, Normal, Psychic, and Steel-type attacks and is immune to Poison-type attacks in Pokemon.

These resistances make Scizor an excellent teammate to Dragon Pokemon like Walking Wake and Raging Bolt, as it not only resists but also eliminates the pesky Fairy and Ice Pokemon that threaten them.

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Unlike other Steel types, Scizor need not worry about moves like Earthquake and Close Combat.

Scizor strengths explained in Pokemon

Scizor deals super-effective damage to Dark, Fairy, Ice, Psychic, and Rock-type Pokemon with its Bug and Steel-type STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) moves.

Steel Pokemon are known for their incredible defensive profile, but Scizor and Metagross are two species that excel offensively as well.

Its jaw-dropping 130 Attack stat gives it a superb offensive presence in the meta, salvaging its numerous resistances and single weakness to annihilate opponents. The 100 Defense stat is a shot in the arm for this Pokemon, helping it shrug off attacks that bother other Steel types.

Scizor’s tremendous Technician ability makes it dangerous, as it helps boost damage from any move under 60 base power by 50%, making it easier to take out chunks of HP from Pokemon weak to its attacks.

Best Scizor moves in Pokemon

The best moves for Scizor in Pokemon are Swords Dance, Bullet Punch, U-turn, and Knock Off.

  • Scizor is one of the best users of Swords Dance, letting it boost its already terrifying Attack stat by two stages.
  • Bullet Punch gets Priority and is the reason behind Scizor’s notorious sweeping reputation. It takes full advantage of Technician and hits first, no matter how fast the opponent is. Just one Swords Dance before Bullet Punch, and you can OHKO almost any Fairy, Ice, and Rock-type Pokemon.
  • U-turn gets STAB and helps Scizor switch out of an unfavorable matchup stress-free.
  • Knock Off is a great move, letting Scizor take out Held Items carried by opposing Pokemon. This often forces them to rethink their strategies, shifting the tide in your favor.

Scizor is a very unpredictable Pokemon to face, so enjoy playing mind games with this sneaky monster in battles. For more content on the game, have a look at the following:

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