Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players share “infuriating” Tera Raid mistake to avoid

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon scarlet and violet tera raid crystal

Tera Raids give Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players the opportunity to catch powerful species in the game, but beating the Raid requires a solid strategy with the best counters. Trainers have now highlighted a common mistake that can ruin the entire strategy and play spoilsport in the Raids.

Beating Tera Raids is the ultimate challenge for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players, as these events let them catch fan-favorite Pokemon with excellent stats. If that wasn’t enough already, some of the species hosted in Tera Raids have limited availability in the game.

While the difficulty of these Raids may range from moderate to tough, trainers have shed light on a mistake that a large section of the Pokemon community has been making when they choose their counters, leading to losses during these battles.

Reddit user ‘DeeDubb83’ shared a post that showed a screengrab of a 6-Star Mamoswine Raid with the Electric Tera Type in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and wrote: “PSA look at the actual Pokemon you’re facing, not just the Tera Type.”

The player referred to the Raid Boss Tera Type, which often confuses fans due to its ability to change the Pokemon type altogether. Trainers would then have to prepare the right counters that not only deal super-effective damage to the Raid Boss but also not take super-effective damage in return.

However, this seems to be a challenge for most, as they bring counters that account for the Raid Boss’ Tera Type but not its original STAB moves.

In the OP’s case, one of their Raid partners brought a Garchomp that can use its Ground-type moves to hit Tera Electric Type Mamoswine hard, but it appears that they forgot that Mamoswine’s STAB Ice-type attacks can OHKO Garchomp, courtesy of its 4x weakness.

Users called it “infuriating” for “being the only one to review the base Pokemon (type)” as many pointed out that the other “dumb” counters in the OP’s Raid party, Rayquaza and Kommo-o.

pokemon scarlet and violet 19th tera type crown
The Indigo Disk DLC will bring a 19th Tera Type.

Thankfully, the comments also included tips for choosing the right Tera Raid counters. “Look at both the Pokemon AND the Tera Type. The Pokemon to know which kind of attacks it can throw to you, and the Tera Type to hit on the weakness of the said Pokemon,” a user explained.

An example to understand this was provided by a trainer who mentioned: “Gardevoir may have the Dragon Tera type and therefore be weak to Dragon-type attacks, but it’s still gonna come at you with Fairy-type attacks which are just as effective against Dragon-types! Better use an Ice-type!”

Understanding Tera Types is crucial for the Pokemon community, as the Indigo Disk DLC will bring the Legendary Terapagos, the supposed source of the Terastaillization phenomenon.

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